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The Debate at  Bhawalpur



Maulvi  Rashid Gangohi  al deobandi and Maulvi Khaleel Ambethvi  al deobandi wrote  Baraheen e Qati’ah in  1303 AH/1885 CE.


This book was an attack on Islam. The deobandi authors wrote  that mawlid is celeberated  only in India and they  compared mawlid  with  hindus celeberating the birth of  one of their “god”.


The two deobandi authors showed a lot of disrespect to prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) in this book.


Maulvi Rashid Gangohi  al deobandi and Maulvi Khaleel Ambethvi al deobandi wrote:


“ Hence , mere presence of the soul ( Ruh)of Rasul Allah ( sal allahu alai hi wa sallam) in Illiyeen and his being higher than angel of death does not mean that the knowledge of Rasul Allah ( sal allahu alai hi wa sallam) is higher than or even equal to the knowledge of angel of death in these fields
[Baraheen-e-Qati’ah , by Rashid Gangohi and Khaleel Ambethavee, page 122]


Scan can be seen here



This book is still taught to members of the deobandi sect in their secret meetings.



The muslim population was angry by these types of statements present in this book.. The scholars of the Ahlus sunnah wal jamah  objected to these blasphemous statements.


The Nawab ( landlord)  of Bahawalpur Muhammad  Sadiq Abbasi organised a debate in the town of Bhawalpur in the year 1306 AH/ 1888 CE.


The main stream muslim population ( Ahlus sunnah wal jama’ah) was represented by  Mawlana Ghulam Dastagir Kasuri (Rh)  and the Wahabi side was represented by  Maulvi Mahmood al Hasan al deobandi and Maulvi Khaleel Ambethvi.



Shaykh al mashaykh  Shah Ghulam Farid (rh) was made the Judge of the debate as he was accepted  and respected by both the parties.


Result of the debate


Ahlus sunnah wal jama’h won the debate .Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki (rh) and Mawlana Rahmatullah Kairanwi (rh) supported the Ulema of the Ahlus Sunnah and signed in their favour.


Maulvi Khaleel Ambethvi was decalred  zila badar ( was not allowed to stay and enter in the district of Bhawalpur ) for his anti islamic evil belief.


The whole debate  has been published in the form of a book “Taqdees al-Wakeel ‘an Tauheen al-Rasheed wa al-Khalil”. ( Urdu)



Please note that Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki(rh) was the spritual teacher of Maulvi Khaleel Ambethvi.



A note about two deobandi debators




Mahmood al Hasan al Deobandi


He  had weird  belief . He writes:

“ How can we say that the bad acts are  outside the power  (qudrah) of Allah”

[Al Jahd al Muqeel, p.41, published by  Maktaba Madniya Urdu Bazar,Lahore]


Scan can be seen here



Khaleel Ambethvi al Deobandi


He wrote many blasphemous statement regarding prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam). One such statement has been mentioned above.



During his debate at Bhawalpur, he was propogating the deobandi belief that Allah can lie .( may Allah save all the muslims from this evil belief . Ameen)


His main argument was that since human beings can lie , so Allah must have power to lie!

He also said that Allah has power to steal ,drink  ( sharab khori), ignorant ( juhal) and  attrocity ( zulm), otherwise human beings will have more things under their power than Allah.


[ Tazkirat al Khaleel,p.146 , by Aashiq Ilahi merathi]


See the scan:


Debate at Bhawalpur


Debate at Bhawalpur

Please note , this stupid and evil belief was first prpogated by  Maulvi Ismai’l Dehlawi who was the founder of Wahabbism in the Indian subcontinent.


He writes :


“ if you say it is impossible for Allah to have  power over lie , then human beings will be more powerful than Allah, because human beings can lie”

[ Ek Rozi, p. 17 ]


Scan can be seen here



These scans are provided so that muslims can know about this dangerous sect and stay away from this sect.


Also note , these deobandis often lie by telling that it is a part of Ashari aqida that  Allah can lie.


Please note,  none of the Ashari Imam of aqida ever said this. Morever, deobandis claim to follow Maturidi school of thought.


Hakeem al Islam" of Deobandis, Qari Tayyab was a former principal of Darul uloom Deoband. He was the grand son of Qasim Nanotvi.

Qari Tayyab has wriiten a book " Ulama e deoband ka deeni rukh aur maslaaki mizaaj" .[ The method and path schloars of Deoband], in which he has clearly mentioned that deobandis follow maturidi school of Aqidah.
[ page 91]

Darul uloom deoband website has also mentioned this.

It states:

"5- DIALECTICAL MATURIDIISM: That is, as regards beliefs, the sustentation of the power of certitude and the stability of true beliefs with right thinking in accordonce to the laws and principles determined and codified through the method of the Ahlus Sunnat wal-Jama'at and the Asha'ira and the Matureedia; for without it escape from the doubts cast by the tergiversators and the conjectural innovations, superstitions and skepticism of the false sects is not possible. It is evident that this branch is connected with faith (iman). "