Blood of Muslims Permissible ??

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Please read wahabi scholar Sulaiman bin Sahman An Najdi
Wrote which was trabslated into urdu By renowned Indian wahabi scholar of pre idependence Ismail Ghaznavi.( Deobandis also loved him )

” Those who call for help from other than Allah ,they are mushrik . They are involved in shirk e Akbar. Even if these people think that to whom they ask for help , they do not have direct power to help but Allah hears their request ( or Allah has given power to help) , then also it is shirk .

It is permissible to kill these people ( aisey logon ka khoon bahana jayaz hai ) and it is permissible to take/ snatch their property. ( aur unakey amwwal ko loot lena jayaz hai )”

( Book Tuhfaye Wahabiya , Page 59)
Note: Wahabis have stopped printing book. And Wahabis should see that their own scholar has called them wahabi

Shaykh Ismaeil Dehalvi also said in his tafwiyatul Iman :

“ those who call for help to other than Allah , with the belief that they can help directly or with the belief that Allah has given power to them to help, in both the cases it is shirk “

Those who want to know more can read biography Of Shaykh Ahmed sayed Barelwi ( shaykh of Ismail dehalvi) in which it is written that when the army of Shaykh Ahmed barelwi invaded north western region ( where he destroyed elevated grave) ,then these followers of sayed barelwi forcibly married local women.