Account and Language in Deoband

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Deewan Mohammed Yasmeen sahab narrates “ Once I was engaged in dhikr e juhar below the northern dome of the masjid and hazrat rahmatullah alaih ( that is , Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee ) was sitting in the courtyard of the majid and was facing towards me and his “tawajjah” was towards my heart ( qalb).During this state I saw that the walls of the masjid are present but the roof and dome are missing.” A bright light was surrounding entire sky. Suddenly I saw a ‘stage’( takht) descending down the sky with prophet ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) and 4 khalifas at the corner.The stage descended infront of me and prophet( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) said to one the khalifas’ brother(bhai !),call Mawlana Mohammed Qasim. He went and came back with Mawlana in presence of Prophet ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam). Prophet said” Mawlana have you brought the account of madarasa?”.Mawlana replied“ Here it is” and strated giving the account of each and every penny( income/expenditure etc) of madarsa. Prophet (sal allahu alaihi wa sallam ) was very happy and said “ Alright , Mawlana,please excuse ”. Hazrat( Mawlana Qasim nanotvee) said” as you please”. After this the stage ascended towards the sky and went outside the eyesight.

Ashrafut tanbeeh,page 88-89


Mawlana Khaleel Ahmed Ambethvee writes “Madarsae Deoband has a very high place in the sight of Haq ta’ala.( Allah ta’ala).Many scholars studied here and have taken away people from the wrong path ( zulmat wa zalalat).That is why one righteous (saleh) person was blessed with meeting prophet ( sall allahu alaihi wa sallam) ( ziyarat) in his dream and when he found that prophet was talking to him in Urdu he asked “ You are an Arabi,how did you learn this language? ( Aap ko yah zabaan kahan se aa gayee). He replied ever since I have come in contact with scholars of Deoband I have learnt this language.( Farmaya, jab se ulama-e- madarsaey Deoband sey hamara muamala hua hum ko yah zuban aa gayee). Subhan Allah , from this the high position of this madarsa is known . ( Subhan Allah , is sey rutbay is madarsay ka maloom hua)”

Barhane qatiya, page 26.

Quran says that Allah taught all the knowledge to the prophets.

I will not make any comment. I will request all the readers to think , to make up their mind regarding this incidence Isn’t it a propoganda to show people how great the madarsa of deoband is?

Please note that although it is Mawlana Khaleel Ahmed Ambethvee who is said to have written Barhane Qatiya, it was dictated , guided and checked by Mawlana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi himself. How angry , Mawlana Rashid Ahmed was , when Anwarus Satiya was written and how he ordered Barhane Qatiya to be written ( in refutation of Anwarus satiya and also providing their stand point of view) , can be read in detail in Tazkiraturrashid.