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About the statement

“All who go to the land of Ajmer or to the grave of Salar Mas’ud or those that resemble them in order to request [to fulfil] a need, it is indeed a sin more grievous than murder and adultery. Its likeness is not but the likeness of those who worship the creation or like those who call on Al-Lat and Al-’Uzza. However, we do not [unequivocally] declare disbelief [upon them] due to the absence of a text from the Lawgiver in this specific matter.”

[Al-Tafhimat al-Ilahiyyah 2/45-Shah Waliullah Dehlawi]

View of Experts

Syed Shaykh Zaheeruddin ahmed (rh) ,Shaykh Zayd Faruqi Naqshbandi,(rh),Mawlana Hakeem Sayed Barkati (rh) and Ayyub Qadri were all expert on the life and work of Shah Waliullah muhaddith al dehlawi (rh).

They have all agreed that the above quote is not from Shah Waliullah (rh) but was later added in his book as a part of mass fabrication which was done in the books of Shah Sahib.

The Practices of Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Naqshbandi (Rh)

Shah Waliullah often used to visit the graves of awliya for maraqaba and Baraka. He used to visit grave of Shaykh Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (Rd) regularly. Shah Sahib also visited the grave of Shaykh Ghaus Gwaliari (rh), Shah sahib performed maraqaba at the grave of Sayyedina Abu dhar ghaffari ( Radiallahu anhu) and the martyrs of Badr.

At one instance Shah Sahab was not able to take a decision. While doing maraqaba at the grave of a pious wali of Allah in the town of Phulat, Shah Sahib got the answer for his question.

(Al qawl al jali, p, 232).

From these ( and many more like this) it is seen that Shah Sahab often used to visit the graves of awliya Allah to do maraqaba and get spiritual benefit. To say that Shah Waliullah himself visited the graves of awliya but criticized others will be attributing a policy of dual nature towards the great scholar Shah Waliullah muhaddith (Rh).

From Fiqh

Murder and adultery is a sin which is established from nass. Anyone who does not consider murder and adultery to be a sin will become a Kafir. But if someone says that travelling to Ajmer to get his needs fulfilled is not a sin, then he will not become a kafir.

Also the fabricated quote reads:

“then he has committed a greater sin than murder and adultery.”

Again, murder and adultery is a sin which is established from nass. How come something which is not established from nass be worse/grave from those things which are proved from nass?

From all these reason it can be seen that fabricator was some Wahabi who didn’t have any understanding of fiqh and knowledge about belief and practices of Shah Waliullah dehlawi (rh).

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