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Allama Tahir al Patni

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Allama Muhammed bin Tahir al Hindi al Patni RH ( died 986 AH) was a great scholar of hadith. His most famous work is majma’ Bihar Al Anwar which is a book dealing with the glossary of hadith.

He writes

“By the help/grace of Allah, the last third of the voluminous book titled ‘’Majma Bihar Al Anwar “has been accomplished on the twelfth night of the month of delight, and bliss, light and mercy, the month of rabi al awwal, a month wherein we are commanded to show our delight every year.

Imam Ahmed Rida Khan ( rh) writes in his book providing the evidence of istianat ( Translated into english as Beacons of Hope):

“Here, I will present a list of the names of great Imams and Ulama along with their undisputed and authentic Kitabs in which they have proven the legality of Isti’anat.

1.Shifa-us-Siqam by Imam Allama Mujtahid Fahama Sayyedi Taqiuddin Ali bin Abdul-Kafi Subki (Radi Allah unho).
2.Kitabul-Azkar by Imam-e-Ajal Sayyedi Abu-Zakariyah Nawawi (Radi Allah unho).
3.Ahya-ul-Uloom etc. by Imam-Anam Hujjat-ul-Isalm Qutbul-Wajood Muhammad Al-Ghazali (Radi Allah unho).
6.Nashrul-Mohasin by Imam-e-Ajal Arife-Billah Faqee-e-Muhaqqiq Abdullah bin Asad Yafa’ss (Radi Allah unho),
7.Mud’khal by Imam Shamsuddin Abul-Khair ibne Jazri (Radi Allah unho),
8.Mud’khal by Imam Ibnul-Haj Muhammad Abdari Makki (Radi Allah unho),
9.Mawahibul-Ladinayah and
10.Manhe-Muhammadiyah by Imam Ahmed Qastalani (Radi Allah unho),
11.Afdalul-Qurali Qira-Ummul-Qura,
12. Johar-ul-Munzam and
13.Oqodul-Jimam by Imam Arife-Billah Sayyedi Ibne-Hajr Makki (Radi Allah unho).
14.Mizan-e-Shariat-e-Kubra by Imam-e-Ajal Arife-Billah Abdul Wahab Sharani (Radi Allah unho).
15.Hirze-Thameen by Imam Muhaddith Mullah Ali Qari Makki (Radi Allah unho).
16.Majma’ul Biharul-Amwar by Imam Allama Tahir Fatni (Radi Allah unho),
19. Jazbul-Quloob,
20.Majma’ul Barkati and
21.Madarijun-Nobuwah etc. by Imam Sheikh-ush Soyoukh Ulama-e- Hind Muhaqqiq Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlvi (Radi Allah unho).
22.Fatawa-e-Khairiyah by Imam Allama Khair-ul-uddin Ramli (Radi Allah unho),
23.Maraqi’ul Falah by Imam Hasan Wafa’ee Sharambalani (Radi Allah unho)
24.Matale’ul Masarrat by Imam Allama Fasi (Radi Allah unho).
25.Sharha-Mawahib by Imam Allama Muhammad Zurqani (Radi Allah unho),
26.Naseem-ur-Riyad by Imam Allama Sahabuddin Khafaji (Radi Allah unho).”