Dead Shaykh Coming to Help [ But prophet can’t]

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A small incidence from Arwahe Salasa , page 242.( A book deaing with the life of Deobandi scholars).

Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee al deobandi comes after his death in physical body to give suggestion

” One day after Fajr Salah mawalana Rafeeuddeen saheb (rh) invited Mawalana Mahmoodul Hasan saheb in his room( Inside darul uloom deoband). Mawlana (Mahmoodul Hasan) arrived and opened the door and entered inside . It was severe winter at that time.

Mawalana Rafeeudeen saheb told him to first examine his overcoat. When Mawalana (Mahmoodul Hasan) saw this over coat it was wet. Mawlana Rafeeudeen told him that just now Mawalana Nanatwee visited with his physical body ( JASADE UNSAREE) and I was frightened so my overcoat became wet (due to sweating). Mawalana Nanatvee ordered that Mahmood Hasan should not indulge in this internal fight going on among the teachers of Deoband. Mawalana Mahmood Hasan said “Hazrat I repent ( do tawbah on your hands) and I will not speak anything after this, in this on going internal fight”

Here Mawalana Qasim Nanatvee can come after his death and that too in physical form, just to resolve the fight in Deoband.

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But prophet can’t move from his grave as per Deoband Fatwa

Read the underlined part from this fatwa

The life of prophet sal allahu alaihi wa sallam in grave, is Hayate Barzakhi” ( Life in Brazakh) , in this life he ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) cannot travel ( from one place to another).!