Deoband, Shaykh Gangohi and Wall

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Mawlana Tayyeb narrates that , Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee had a family servant . His name was Diwanji and who was very pious and had deep attachment with the shuyookh of his tariqa. Mawlana Habeeburrehman ( incharge Darul Uloom Deoband) used to tell that during elavated stage the ‘Kashf” power of Diwan ji increased so much that while he used to be in his room ,he could see ( though mud wall) people walking in the steert. The door and wall , all these hinderance were no longer appicalble for him.

( Sawaneh Qasimi , Vol 2 , page 73)

This was the elevated state of a family servant of Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee. Please bear in mind , this story in mentioned under the biogrpahy of Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee. This servant” Diwan ji’ could achieve such a high status due to his attachment with Mawlana Qasim and other shuyokkh of their tariqah.

But the same Deobandi Jammat has this aqidah about our prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam)

1. Shaykh Abdul Haq has narrated that prophet was not aware about what is behind the wall ( Baraheen Qatiyah, By Mawlana Khaleel and Mawlana Rashid)

The Deobandis were not satisfied with this comment , so their leader Mawlana Manzoor Nomani went one step ahead and said

” If prophet could know what was behind the wall , he would have not asked Bilal (Rd) about the women standing at the door ”
( Mawlana Manzoor Nomani, Faisala Qun Munazara page 136)

This ‘ diwan ji” during his Kashf once saw ‘ red thread’ surrounding Darul Uloom Deoband from all side. He him self explained this Kashf as ” christanity and extemism will show its symptom’ in Darul Uloom Deoband.

Scan ( above)

Kindly find the scans from Barhaeen Qatiya written by Mawlana Khaleel Ahmed and Mawlana Rashid Ahmed..

Cover page

RED underlined part says : Shaykh Abdul Haq Muhaddith dehavlvee has narrated ( a hadith) that ( prophet said ) I was not aware of what was behind the wall

Translation of blue underlined part

“The final result is: By pondering over the knowledge of the earth possessed by angel of death and satan , one should not use this analogy to prove that prophet (Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) also had the similar knowledge, as there is no documentary evidence for this. Isn’t this belief ( that prophet also had the knowledge of the unseen) a CLEAR SHIRK , and if not , then which part of Iman ( belief) is it ?

Because such extensive [knowledge] for the Angel of death and Shaytan is proved from
Quran and Sunnah [nuSuS e qaTyi`ah]. Where is any such absolute evidence to prove the extensiveness of the knowledge possessed by prophet , sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam which refutes all absolute documents in order to prove one polytheistic belief?”

And then he continues his attack on the best of the creation ( sal allahu alai hi wa sallam) and says

“ Hence , mere presence of the soul ( Ruh)of Rasul Allah ( sal allahu alai hi wa sallam) in Illiyeen and his being higher than angel of death does not mean that the knowledge of Rasul Allah ( sal allahu alai hi wa sallam) is higher than or even equal to the knowledge of angel of death in these fields.”


Respected reader , this is what Shaykh Abdul Haqq muhaddith dhalvee ( Rh) writes:

At this point a doubt is often put forward about a narration that prophet said that he was not aware of what was behind the wall. The answer to this doubt is that this narration is a lie and there is no truth in it .
( Madarijun Nabuwwah , vol 1 )

Dont just see the fabrications by these Deobandis , but THINK WHY WAS this fabrication done ! !

Why did Deobandi scholars hide the second part , where Shaykh Abdul Haq calls this hadith with NO BASIS.

It was written after alll these books were written. It has no weight. If a theif commits theft daily and then writes a book ” stealing is a bad act” , his crime of theft does not go away

Any deobandi brother is welcome to start a discussion on AL MUHNNAD as long as he can quote the original AL MUHANNAD , not the “condensed ” book with ” new look “.

AS a side note

Imam Ali al Qari Al Hanafi (rh ) writes

” This hadith that I am not aware of what is behind this wall” , Imam Asqalani has said that there is no truth in this narration’

( Maudhuate Kabir , page 60 )

Imam Ibn Hajar Makii ( rh) says

” The chain of narration for this hadith could not be traced”

( Afdalul Qur`a)