Deobandi Fabrication on Internet

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Deobandi Fabrication on Internet

Thefounder of the Wahabbi sect in the Indian Subcontient, Ismail Dehalvi wrote a book in Persisn called ” Iza al Haq”.

The book was translated into Urdu by the deobandis and has been recently uploaded on internet.It can be downloaded fom this link


Once the book is downloaded you can see that page number 76 and 77 is missing from the uploaded book.

Now the question is, is it just a coincidence or a deliberate work?

Well, the answer is , it is a deliberate work by the deobandis to hide the ugly belief of Ismail Dehlavi which is explicit on page 76 and 77 .

Page number 76 and 77 contains this passage from Ismail Dehlavi,which shows his belief :

Ismail Dehalvi writes:

“ to have this belief that Allah is free of time, location , direction and that Allah will be seen without a direction ( on the day of Judgement) all this is Biddah”.

Ismail Dehalvi says to make “tawil” of ayat e mutashabihāt is Biddah “

Since this is a pure ,unadulterated text which shows the Wahabbi belief of Ismail Dehalvi, the page containing this text has been removed from the scanned book, uploaded by the deobandis on internet.

The missing pages can be seen on this link


Abdullah Sabri Chishti

13 Ramadhan al Mubarak 1432

14 August 2011