Destroying Grave: A wahabi act by Deobandi” akabir”.

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Destroying Grave: A wahabi act by Deobandi” akabir”.

I have already said before that if any one needs proof that deobandi scholars have called themselves as ‘wahabi” I can provide scan from Deobandi books. This is another trick by the Deobandis. Before Al Muhannad was written , the deobandis had good view of ibn abdul wahab najdi al tamimi and his movement. But when Mawlana Khaleel Ambethvee wanted to please the scholars of Alus sunnah , he said” we deobandis, are against Ibn abdul wahab najdi and his movement. Mawlana Khaleel went ahead and pin pointed the wrong belief held by Wahbabis. One of the wrong belief he pointed was ” wahabis ascribe Allah to a direction and a location”.

Strange enough , the same belief of Allah having a direction and a location was also held by Mawlana Ismaeel Dehalvee ( reference given in earlier post). Other beleif which Mawlana Khaleel , thought to be ” wahabi belief” was held by Ismaeel Dehalvee and quotes supporting Mawlana Ismaeel Dehalvee can be seen in Fatwa Rashidiya.

But the truth is , after Al Muhannad was signed by the Ahlus sunnah scholars , the Deobandis came back to their wahabi beleif. I can show scholars of Deoband who called Ibn Abdul Wahab Najdi and his movement as ” good ” movement even after Al Muhannad was written.

One of the presrnt wahabi mufti , has tried to please Wahabis. He states in his artcile that” Ibn Abdul Wahab” was a good man , but his followers ” ascribed” wrong things towards him!

And the beauty is , when Deobandis want to prove that they are NOT wahabis they say” Mawlana Rashid praised Ibn Abdul Wahab , because he was not aware of the wrong beleif and deeds of Ibn Abdul Wahab, as he was in India and we deobandis take the position of Mawlana Khaleel who has criticised Ibn Abdul Wahab” ! This is such a big lie , and Insha Allah, in futute if I get time , i will provide ample evidence to show two faces of Deobandis.

Also , in order to save Mawlan Rashid ahmed , deobandis say that, Mawlana Rashid Ahmed held good view about Ibn Abdul Wahab, because he said” what I have HEARD” . The Deobandis play around this word” HEARD” and say that , since his information was based on what he heard , he cannot be held accountable!.

This view have been given by a top Deoabandi Mufti and the artcile is on internet. And another mufto has said that Ibn Abdul Wahab was a good man , only his followere gave him bad name! And the official deobandi beleif as written in Al Muhannad is” Ibn abdul wahab was an evil man and his movement was against Ahlus sunnah”.

So this is the true face of Deobandis! They want to “appease’ wahabis , so one of their leading living mufti pleases Ibn Abdul Wahab . When they want to please Ahlus sunnah , they say’ see , we follow Al Muhannd’ which clearly states that Ibn Abdul wahab was an evil man and his movement was wrong’.!

Insha Allah , in future I will present all the facts on this topic , so that readers can make their own decision.

And as I have said , no one should feel bad , when sunni population uses the word wahabi for deobandis. The deobandis have praised wahabis and called themself as wahabi.

Kindly see the scan from Arwahe Thalatha, page 141.

The incidence is in reference to the episode when Ismaeel Dehalvee and his teacher Syed Ahmed Barelwi were fighting MUSLIM population of Afghan region. After initial days of fight , suddently , their leader syed Ahmed Barelwi dis appeared. So the followers went out in different direction to search.


” The third person told that while searching for sayed ( ahmed barelwi) they reached a village. We saw that a grave has recently been destroyed and it was a fresh destruction. People told that this grave has been recently destroyed By Syed Ahmed Barelwi ( teacher of Ismaeel Dehalvee) as it was elevated. We looked here and there but could not find him”


Arwahe Thalatha page 141