Fake Jihad of Ismail Dehalvi

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Theso called “ deobandi contribution “to the India freedom struggle begins with their founderShah Ismaeel Dehalvee and his teacherSayed Ahmed Barewli. So it is important to know which books do deobandis themselves rely to know the history/ biography of theirleaders.

Sawanag Ahmedi wa Tawareekh Ajeeba – AboutLife ofsayed ahmed barewliand Ismaeel Dehalvee– By Munshimohammed jafar Thaneswari

Hayat Tayyeba — AboutLife ofsayed ahmed barewliand Ismaeel Dehalvee– By Mirza Hairat Dehalvee

MawlanaManzoor Nomani al Deobandi writes

“ HayatTayeeba of Mirza Hairat Dehalvee is an authentic and reliablebiography ofShah Ismaeel Dehalvee “

( Al Furqan , Shaheed Number, 1355 AH , page 51)

About biography of Sayed Ahmed Mawlana Hasan ali Nadvi writes

“ Tawareekh Ajeeba is the first book about the life history of syedahmedthrough which much can be known about the life of syed ahmed sahib”

( Seerat syed ahmed , page 8)

Munshi Thaneswari writes

“Few of the historians have presented syed sahab in bad picture. They have potrayed him as an enemy of British government . To remove this doubt and deception I decided to present the facts from the life of syed sahab so that people can see the truth. Upon examining his life history it can be seen clearly thatat least at20 placesusing proof from SHARIAH ,syed sahabinstructedhis followersnot to revolt against britishers “

( Sawang Ahmedi , page 226, Steam press, Lahore)

So here we have his biographer writing that syed sahabnever revolted against british and we have deobandi scholars potrayingsyed sahab as a freedom fighter! And when asked to prove their claim , all they have isNothing !

Read further….

“ It becomes clear from this that syedsahab was never in support ofjihad against British. He used to think this government as hisown government. There is no doubt in it that ifBritish government was against syed sahab , then syed sahab would not have received support which he was getting in his fight against sikh. The British government wanted syed sahab to reduce the influenceof Sikh “

(Sawang Ahmed , page139)

And now read this tobe surprised!

Mawlana Manzoor Nomani al Deobandi writes

“ It is very famous thathe did not proclaim any Jihad against British, instead in his meeting at Calcutta or Patna he gave his consent for supporting british governmentand this is alsowell known that british government also supported him at many instances”


Togetmore surprises read thisfrom the same book.

“ And this is also true thatduring his stay at Calcutta , one day when Mawlana Ismaeel Dehalveewas giving lecture ( waa’z) , one man asked a fatwa to mawlana that whether it is permissibleto declare jihad against Britishgovt? The mawlana replied it is not correctin any way to declare jihad against this just and impartial government”

( Sawang Ahmedipage 57)

The same incidence has also been recordedin HayateTayyeba

“ In Calcutta , when MawlanaIsmaeel was giving lecture about Jihad and about the atrocities of Sikh then some one stood up fromthe gathering and asked “ why don’t you give fatwa to do jihad against the britishers”. He replied” it is not wajib( compulsory)to do any jihad with them .( aap ne jawab diya – un per jihad karna kisee tarah wajib nahee ). First of all we are under their shelter and secondly they do not make any hinderance in fulfilling our religious obligation. We all total freedom under this government . In fact if there is any attack on this government then it is FARD upon muslims tofight that enemy and save our BRITISH GOvernemtn from any kind of hardship “

( Hayat tayyeba , page 29 , farooqi printing press , delhi)

“ On what basis can we do Jihad against British government and kill our shariah law”?

( Sawang Ahmedi , page 71)

Read further..

“ Lord Hastings was very happy with the doings / achievements ( karguzariyon)of sayedAhmed. A tent was erected between the two armiesand three men made a treaty; Ameer Khan , Lord Hasting and sayed ahmed sahab. Sayed Ahmed Sahab had great diffciculty in bringing “ameer kahn”intoright frame “ ( sayed sahab neyameer khan jo badee mushkil sey sheeshy mein utara tha)

( Hayate Tayyeba page 294)

Mawlana Abul HasanAli Nadvi writes

“ Once the group of syed sahab and his followers was passing throughboat . They saw a british rider who was waiting with lots offood in Big containers .( URDU== palaki )He arrived near boat andasked where is“ padari sahab” . Hazrat repliedfrom the boat” I am here “ . The british rider got down the horse , took hishat in his hand and reached on the boat. After inquiring wellbeing , the british rider said “ I am waiting foryou sincethree days and had appointed my men to look for your group. They told me that today your group will be reaching here , so I was busy getting food prepared for you since sunset. Sayed sahab ordered the food to be taken in utensils . The food was distributed among the group and the britishe rider stayed for two- three hours and then left the place”

(Seerat sayed ahmed Ahmed Shaheed , page 190 , By Mawlana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi)

This is the Urdu wording..

“ sayed ahmed sahab ka qafilakashtiyon per sawaar ho kar ek maqamsay guzar raha thaki itaney meindekhtaey hain ki ek angrez ghoday per sawaarchand palikiyonmein khana rakhkashti key qareebaaya aur poocha ki padre sahabkahan hai. Hazrat ney jawab diya“main yahan per mawjood hoon”. Angrez ghodey per sey utaraaur topeehaath mein lekar kashtee per pahooncha aur mijaz purse eke baadkaha ki teenroz sey mainey apaney mulazim yahan khadey kar diye they ki aap ki ittila karein.Aaj unhonay ittila ki kee aaghalab yeh hai kli hazratqafiley ke saathaaj tumhary makaanke samey pahoonchey, yeh ittila pa kar gharoob aftaab takmain khaney kitayyari meinmashgool raha , tayyar kar key laya hoon . Sayed sahab ney hukm diyaki khana apaneybartanonmeinmuntaqil kar liya jai. Khana le kar qafiley mein taqseem kar diya gayaaur angrezdo- teen ghantay tahar kar chala gaya”

Can any one tell me why was this British soldier waiting for three days for sayed ahmed sahab? And when this soldier said :where ispadari sahab , prompt came a reply , I am here! There was nostrange feeling when a british called a mawlana as “ padree sahab” .

And above this , the deobandis spread on internet that , shah ismaeel dehalveewasfighting against british!

Sayed Ahmed Barelwi himself tells about his mission

“I have been blessed with anilham that I shouldfight with sikh and end their existence .”

( sawang Ahmedipage 180)

He also said

“My fight is not with muslimsor Kuffar , but my fight is with Sikh . I have no enmity with british government

Now read what Mawlana Rashid Gangoheesays

“Hazrat Mawlana Rashid Ahmed said thathe was informed by Hafiz jaani thathe was one of the member of that group. Many miracles wereseen to be performed bysayed sahab. MaulviAbdul Hay lucknowi, maulvi isameel dehalveeand maulvi Hussein rampuri were also members of the group and all these were in the ship. Sayed SAHAB DID HIS FIRST JIHADAGAINST MUSAMMAYAAR MUHAMMED KHAN, WHO WAS THE RULER OF YAGISTAN”

( tazkiratur Rashid ,vol 2 , page 270 )

I want readers to decide , whether yaar mohammedkhan is the name of some muslim or some sikh?

Please recall , I have posted scan on another thread where we saw how sayed ahmed sahab left battlefront in between andwas found sitting in some cave ! When his followers found him and asked him why he has left the battle field , then he said , he has been commanded like this !

So at one place he says , he has been given ilham to fight sikh and later he says he has been commanded to leave battle field, On the same post it was shown how this sayed ahmed sahab destroyedthose muslim graves which were elevated!

How serious was mawlana in his fight against Sikh , can be read here.

“When sayed sahab had enough people with him , then with consultation fromMawlana Isameel,and using influence ofshaykh GhulamAli rayees , Allahabad , he informed Lt Governor of the north western region that we are planning todo Jihad with sikh , does Govt has any objection to this?The Lt Governor replied that as long as oursovereignty is not effected , we are not bothered”

( Hayate Tayyeba, page 302)

This is cause Jihad for british govt! See , how sayed sahab is taking permission from british rulersand calling it jihad !!