Fatwa Karamate Ghausiyah

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Do we have any book in which Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (Rehmatullahi Alayh) has written about Shaykh Abdul Qadir Gilani (Radi ALLAHu Anh)?

I have head some people telling that Imam Ahmed Raza (Rehmatullahi Alayh) wrote in his book that on the Night of Meraj, Shaykah Abdul Qadir (Radi ALLAHu Anh) gave “shoulder support” to prophet, IS IT TRUE?


What else can you expect from those who do not read complete book?

( 1). Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (rh ) issued two detail fatwa on shaykh Abdul Qadir gilani rd.

In one such fatwa he has talked about all reports regarding Shaykh Abdul Qadit (rd) which has come with continuous chain of narration. He has quoted only Arab scholars in this fatwa.

You can download this fatwa( booklet) in English . Scholars of hadith might be interested to check the chain of narrations for those reports.
This is really a good work. It has quotes from Imam Suyuti (rh) , Imam Ali al Qari ( rh) and others.


(2) If we read hadith books we can find many hadith that soul ( ruh) of many people were shown to prophet on the night of Isra and Meraj.

Some people have no fear and they lie that Imam Ahmed Raza rh in his fatwa “Karamat e ghawsiyah” has said that , this report of Shaykh Abdul Qadir (rd) giving ‘ shoulder support ” to prophet is correct!

Please read this and see the lie of those people.

Imam Ahmed Raza (rh ) was asked about this incidence of ” shoulder support” on the Night of Meraj and his reply was
” There is no trace of this incidence in the books of hadith or seerat ( biograpahy of prophet).The magazine “ghulam Imam Shaheed is based on wrong reports . I have not seen any book of Ithan Ashariya and I have not seen this incidence mentioned in those works. The books ” Tohafe Qadriay” is an authentic book and I have read it , but the edition which I have , it does not contain this incidence in the ‘true manner”.
( What is Tohfae qadriya and who wrote it , ImamAhmed raza rh has provided details about it , in his another fatwa , which , Insha Allah I shall scan in the next post.

See the scans from Karamat e ghawsiyah.

Another lie which some people spread is < Imam Ahmed Raza Khan rh wrote in his book that once shaykh Abdul Qadir rd took souls away from the angel of death .

Please see this fatwa. The fact is this question infact asked to Imam Ahmed Raza rh and he said this is “khurafat”( lie / no baiss) and not truth.

Here is the scan

Complete Fatwa Karamate Ghausiyah is online ( 29 pages only). One can read full fatwa to know the truth and not just” a page”.

The version of one group was that this incidence can not be true , because this will mean prophet was less powerful than shaykh abdul qadir.

Imam Ahmed raza said that this thinking of that group is a foolish thinking. Because , that will mean ” Burrak ‘ ( the horse) was more powerful because prophet could not go to heaven without burrak and burrak was sent so that prophet could climb on it . So it means burrak was more powerful!

This thinking was refuted by Imam Ahmed Raza rh using many other hadiths and he has also quoted Fatwa Hadithiiya on many issue. All the hadith are in arabic with reference and most of the discussion is also in Arabic. It can be read online.