Fazle Rasul Badayuni and Deobandi methodology

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‘O believers! If any disobedient comes to you with any news make a strict inquiry lest you may hurt any people improperly then remain repenting on what you have done. ( 49: 6)

It has been an old trick of enemies of Islam to spread rumor and cause confusion among the muslims. Shia and Deobandi , both these deviant sect present false history to the muslim population. Shaykh Rashid Gangohi, who is called ‘Imam e Rabbani” by the Deobandis, said

“ Guru Nanak was the “Khalifah ”[student] of Fariduddeen ganj shakar[ rh] . Since he used to be in the state of ecstasy, muslims did not pay attention to him “
[ Tazkiratur Rashid ]

Imam e Rabbani of the deobandis also said
‘ Guru Nanak was a muslim .‘

Scan :

This is such a big lie that any lay person can check and see the truth. Baba Fariduddeen Ganj Sahakr [ Radi Allahu taa’la] was born in 1175 CE and died in 1263 CE. Guru Nank , the founder of Sikh religion was born in 1469 CE and died in 1539 CE. There can not be any meeting between these two person ! But the deobandis are so full with love for their “imam e rabbani’ that , they accept this lie to be a fact and still publish that lie in their book !

This is the state of Shaykh Rashid Gangohi , who is one of the top leader of Deobandi sect! This statement not only shows how poor was Shaykh Rashid Ahmed in history , but also , how he used to quote things without any reference! This characteristic of making statements without providing any evidence is a special mark of this deobandi sect!

In past this deobandi made many claims which was refuted and can be read on marifah forums ,under Ahlus sunnah wal jamah section. [ Subcontinent polemics , can be read only by registered members of marifah forums]

This deobandi made more than fifteen post attacking great scholar of Islam , Fazle Rasul Badayuni [rh] and in none of his post he provided any detail about this scholar. This is sufficient to know that this deobandi is not aware of history , like Mawlana Rashid gangohi !

Before I start refuting this deobandi ,I would like to inform that Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni al Uthmani [Rh] was one of the great scholar of Islam who was born in India , in the year 1213 AH and died In 1289 AH. The deobandi who wasted his time in attacking this scholar , could not provide this small detail in any of his post ! Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni [rh] was from the well known Uthmani family of Badayun [ India ] and one of the greatest scholar of his time. His knowledge, piety and fame can be realized by the fact that Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelwi [rh] went to him to become his disciple ( mureed). Mawlana Fazle rasul Badayuni [rh] , instead sent Imam Ahmed Raza Khan [Rh] to Syed Aale Rasul [Rh] ( in the town of Marhara ) who was another great scholar of that time. Imam Ahmed Raza Khan wrote three hundred and thirteen (313) couplets in praise of Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni {rh}

A deobandi said

“Mawlana Hakim Syed Lukhnawi [r.h / father of Shaykh Abul Hassan Ali Nadawi [r.h]] writes in Nuzhat al-Khawatir about Fazl Rasul Badayuni:

“He was a faqih who was argumentative and very biased in his beliefs, in constant opposition of the ulama, most far away from the sunnah and an aid to biddah, encountered the people of haqq with his lies and innovations and a lover of the World.

Our deobandi friend should know that that Hakim Abdul Hay lucknawi was born in 1286 AH and died in 1341 AH. It means he was only three years old when Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni died . So what is the source of this information which he is quoting? From whom did he “hear’ this? In which book did he read this? It seems deobandis are not aware of the basic rule of history. If some one makes a remark about an historical incidence or a person , then it should be supported with a strong evidence, other wise it does not hold any weight. Even if a contemporary scholar makes a remark about another person , he should provide evidence to support his remark and when some one who is not even a contemporary scholar makes a comment , he needs to bring strong evidence to support his claim.

Hakim Abdul Hayy was a wahabi scholar from India, who was against four school of fiqh and sufi tariqah. He supported Hindu view in the dispute of Babari masjid. In his historical biographical work’ Nuzhat al khawatir wa bahjat al masami wal nawazir “, he has made very wrong and biased comments in Vol 6 and 7 about scholars of Ahlus sunnah . But these comments hold no weight , as he has not provided any reference to support his claim.

Deobandi said

“He was a faqih who was argumentative and very biased in his beliefs, in constant opposition of the ulama, most far away from the sunnah and an aid to biddah, encountered the people of haqq with his lies and innovations and a lover of the World.”

It seems Shaykh Abdul Hayy lucknawi did not know which was the first book written on the life of Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni [ Rh]. And our deobandi friend would not even have thought of this question , before writing his article!

The first book which was written on the life history of Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni [Rh] was “ Tawaliul anwaar fi mahamad akmalul kamileen al abraar’. It was written by Mawlana Anwar al Haq uthmani ( student of Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni) and was first published in 1297 AH , just seven years after the death of Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni [ Rh]


To realize why Shaykh Abdul Hayy made those remarks , it is sufficient to see the books which Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni [ Rh] wrote.

Here is the list from “Tawaliul Anwaar’


1. Tahqeeq rafadayn—This was written when wahabis attacked Hanafis stating rafadyan is a “must” and hanafis have no evidence for not doing rafadayn.

2 A booklet on Mawlid.
4. Sharah Fususl hikam

5 A booklet on Tasawwuf : Written in Makkah al muazzamah on the request of Shaykh Abdul Aziz makki .

6. A booklet on “wahdatul wajood”
7 Al mutaqad al muntaqad.
9. A booklet describing life history of scholars of qadri tariqah.

13 Book dealing with permissibility of saying “ Ya Rasul Allah” .
14 Refuting Ishaq dehalvi ( on his attack on mawlid and tasawwuf)
15 Al bawariqul muhammediya : Refuting wahabis
16 Evidence of ‘shafaat” ( intercession)
18 Refuting wahabi scholar haider ali tonki
19 Virtues of “ tabarruk” ( holy relics)
20 . Sayf al jabbar—perhaps one of the best refutation of wahabi sect

21 On mawlid.

If any wahabi looks at this list , he will definitely call the author as ‘ innovator”! That is what Shaykh Abdul Hayy did! What evidence does Shaykh Abdul Hayy or any deobandi can present to prove that Mawlana Fazle rasul badayuni ( rh) was encouraging biddah? Which biddah did he support and in which book? Can any deobandi provide the reference? Mere making remarks without evidence is not accepted by Ahlus sunnah.

Mawlana Badayuni wrote Al Mutaqad Al Muntaqad is a classic book on Aqida of Ahlus sunnah wal jamah which was written in Arabic and he refuted all wahabi belief like ‘seeing Allah in direction ‘ etc.

The net result is : Deobandis have just made a remark without supporting it with evidence. Even shias do the same trick.

Deobandi said

“He made takfeer of Shaykh Shah Ismail bin Abdul Ghani al-Dehlawi [r.h] and he acused Shaykh Shah Waliullaah al-Muhaddith al-Dehlawi [r.h] of being a Nasibi Khariji..”

In which book did Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni did this? What is the quote? This is just an accusation unless it is proved and I request any deoandi to provide the EXACT QUOTE with Book reference . It is for everyone to see that this deobandi does not even provide the name of the book ! If he is true in his effort , he should provide book name and exact quote.

Deobandi said

And he accused and spoke ill of Shaykh Ahmad bin Abdul Ahad al-Sirhindi [Mujaddid Alf-e-Sani [r.h]] who was the Imam of the Mujaddidiya and he [Fazl Rasool] would say, “all of them are deviated and are leading others astray”

This is deobandi style statement which has no reference. Readers can see this lie! Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni [rh) was associated with all the traqia ( sufi order). He has ijaza ( permission) to make mureed ( disciple) in all the sufi tariqah, including Naqshabndi!

Kindly see the scan of the letter from Tawaliul Anwaar , which Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni wrote to his son ( Mawlana Abdul Qadeer rh) in which he grants him permission in NAQSHBANDIYA tariiqah !

This deobandi does not have any reference for these claims ! He is just relying on some secondary resource and that is why he never gives the book name and exact quote !

Deobandi said

“And Hakim al-Ummah Mawlana Thanvi [r.h] writes in Fatawa Imdadiya, vol 6 p78:

“Hadhrat Shah Abdul Aziz [r.h] wrote a book against Isna Ashris named Tuhfa Isna Ashriya and this book created a storm amongst this sect. During those days the state of Audh [in India] was under the rule of Imamis…When the government of Audh were in need of reliable individuals to refute Tuhfa Isna Ashriya then they came across an individual [Fazl Rasul] who was working in Lukhnow at that time. This individual helped the mujtahids of Isna Ashris in answering Tuhfa Isna Ashriya…And he published lies regarding masail [laws/issues] mentioned by Mawlana mausoof [Imam Shah Abdul Aziz]”

Shaykh Ashraf ali thanvi was born in 1280 AH and died in 1362 AH. It means he was nine nine years old when Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni died .

Shaykh Ashraf Ali thanvi says “And he published lies”… but I ask what was the name of that book?
Ashraf ali thanvi has just concoted this statement from his desire and it is a plain lie. In which history book is this mentioned? Which scholar/ historian mentioned this? Morever Shaykh Ashraf ali thanvi himself was a wahabi as he said “ If I had Rs 10000, I would have distributed it and people would have automatically become wahabi.

Scan provided in ” Ashraf ali thanvi and wahabi’ thread.

The deobandi author should know that the shias invited scholars from Iran to debate with Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddith dehalvi [rh] ! This deobandi does not know that Mawlana Fazle Rasul badayuni followed Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddith dehalvi and held him in high respect . He does not even know that Shah Abdul Aziz was a teacher of Mawlana Fazle Haq khairabadi and Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni was a close friend of Mawlana Fazle haq khairabadi!

Deobandi said

“one can rely on reliable narrators who have mentioned Fazl Rasuls’ attacks against Mujaddid Alf-e-Sani [r.h] and labelling him a biddati”

This is a big joke! He has not quoted any book , he has not quoted any narrator , he has not provided the quote and he claims that he has provided reliable narrator!!

Another example of “ baba guru nanak”!

Deobandi writes

Famous historian Professor Ayyub Qadri writes in his book Jang-e-Azaadi 1857, p 63:

“An important point that we have noticed about the publishing of the books of Fazl Rasul Badayuni is that most were published with the help of government officials. It would not be inept to mention here that Molvi Fazl Rasul Badayuni would get paid 17 rupees daily from the state of Hyderabad which was later changed to 11 rupees.”

Prof Ayyub Qadri died around 1980 and how did he come to know this? From which book has he taken this? If our deobandi friend has read this book of Prof Ayyub he should provide the source of this information!

And who was the ruler of Hyderabad that time? Does our deobandi friend knows that Hyderabad was the only state which was never under british rule! Does he know that the ruler (nawab) of Hyderabad was one of the mureed ( disciple) of Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni!

They say even to copy things one must know the basics of topic and our deobandi friend does not even know that!

Look here , scan from Tawaliul An waar which clearly states that these two nawabs from Hyderabad were the disciple ( mureed) of Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni [rh]!

When the british took over the area of Badayun and all financial aid from muslim rulers to the scholars of Islam was stopped by the british , then the rich mureed ( disciple) of Mawlana Fazle Rasul badayuni (rh) started sending gifts and aid to their teacher!

Our deobandi friend wanted to show that Mawlana was taking money from british! Even a student of history knows that Hyderabad was never under British rule!

Deobandi says

And he writes on page 163 of the same book:

“Mawlana Hyder Ali Tonki [r.h] has written an important point in this regard that Molvi Fazl Rasul Badayuni started to write books against Wahhabis 20 years after the shahadat of Mawlana Ismail shaheed Dehlwi [r.h] in 1831

Readers can see book no 18 above and realize that Shaykh Hyder ali tonki was a wahabi who was refuted by Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni . Shaykh Hyder tonki was against mawlid , Istighata and other issues on which wahabis always have problem.
Shaykh Ismail dehalvi died in 1831 CE and when we add 20 years to it ,it becomes 1851 . As per wahabi scholar Shaykh Tonki , Mawlana Fazle Rasul badayuni (rh) started refuting wahabis only after 1851!!

Can we all see that our deobandi friend has admitted himself that Mawlana Fazle Rasul Badayuni was against wahabis and used to write against wahabis!!!

And his claim of 1851 is wrong , because Al Bawariq al Muhammadiya was published in 1849 and this book is against wahabis . Before this was written , books like Tahqeeqe rafadayn and mawlid were already written , which were against wahabis !

This is the state of Deobandis who post articles ! Readers should judge to see the truth!

Abdullah Chisti-Sabri