Ghayat Al-Ma’mul

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I was much amused when I read on some website that Deobandis are trying to look for the original manuscript of Ghayat Al-Ma’mul supposedly written by Shafi mufti Sayyid Ahmed Al-Barzanji.

The reason for the amusement is that these Deobandis are totally unaware of what thet are talking or backing! I am sure they know that when Imam Ahmed Raza Khan met Mufti Al Barzanji, that time mufti has lost his eye sight! That is why he could not read Ad dawalatul Makkiyah , and heard it when it was read in front of him. So how could he ‘write” a book when he lost his eye sight? And if the deobandis say that it was dictated by him and some one else wrote it , then the least which the Deobandis must do is to find out who was the Katib ( scribe)? That is the minumum criteria to accept any manuscript and deopbandis have to estabalish the ‘sama’at” for this , as stated by Imam suyuti in the criteria for accepting manuscripts. To add more fun to the story , we have Deobandis going to “middle east manuscript centers” in search of this ‘missing manuscript’! They do not know that as per the Deobandi version of the story this original manuscript was taken from Mufti Barzanji and brought to India ! (and it was never returned!!).
Now who brought this manuscript to India and who published the book written from this manuscript for the first time , is something which all the Deobandis should tell to this world! And if they fail , then I will have to bring the fact on web world! For the time being I am keeping a track of that deobandi search and want to see how much they can try to fool their Deobandi folks! Let me add one more point here. The methodology which Deobandis stated for tracing the manuscript is wrong. When a book has been printed , then the first step is to read the first edition of that book and find out , what was the source of that book? If it was a manuscript then the author mentions the details of the manuscript , like its location etc.

So Deobandis must look for the First printed version of Ghayat Al-Ma’mul and tell this world that what was the source of this manuscript? And if they are still bent upon proving their aqidah , they should provide PRESENT details of this manuscript.

For the time being I will jus wait for any Deobandi to provide these details.