Grand Father of Shaykh Thanvi!!

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Dead Grand Father of Mawlana Asharf Ali Thanvee bringing sweets for his wife

“Authentic incidence” from the book of Deobani “akabair”!

“The great grand father of Mawlana Asharf Ali thanvee (Mohammed Farid) participated in a marriage procession  and this party was passing through a remote area. The Dacoits attacked this party with bows and arrows. The grand father (of Mawlana Thanvee) got martyred in this attack.”

Story continues….

“After his martyrdom he came to meet his wife (jinda tashrif laye) and gave sweet to his wife and said ‘ if you will not reveal this secret to any one then I will come daily. The wife thought, what will other house member think when they will see her and kids eating sweets? So she told the secret to other family members. Because of this he (grand father) stopped visiting. This incidence is very famous in family. (Khandaan).”

( Asharafus Sawaneh ( Biography of Mawlana Thanvee) , by Khawja Ajeezul Hasan , vol 1 , page 12 , published by Khankah Imdadiyah , Thana Bhavan)

Note: Thana bhavan is a town in India. Mawlana Asharf Ali was born there, hence the name “Thanvee”.

Analaysis of the episode

I do want to know which type of sweet grand father was bringing, whether it was ‘halwa “or ‘burfee. I also do not want to know, from which food plaza he was getting this sweet. I also do not want to know how he came to know this fact that his wife has told the secret to other family members.

Please keep in mind that the grandfather knew that he is doing an extra ordinary act.( Karamat). That is why he told not to share the secret with other family members. Also the grandfather had ‘special power” so that he could come daily and when the secret was told, he stopped visiting, which means he had full control over this ‘speical vistis”.

Now we all know that the most beloved of Allah , the leader of the man kind and jinns , prophet of Allah , Rasul Allah( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) has been praised in Quran. On the night of Al Isra and Meraj, the heavens were decorated so that all the prophets and angels and other creation can know that how much Allah loves His beloved and how special he is.

Regarding prophet , the Deobandi belief is , that he has no control over any thing. ( See earlier post ” the one whose name is Mohammed and Ali does not have any control over any thing) . The Deobandi belief is that Allah has not given any power to His most beloved after he has left this world . The dead grand father of Mawlana Ashraf ali can give sweet to his wife, but prophet has nothing to give . The Deobandi belief is that the great companions of prophet (Radi Allahu ta’ala) are not aware of the miracles which they perform after they are dead. The Deobandi belief is that the pious muslims of this ummah like Sayedana Shaykh Abdul Qadir , Al hasani wa husseini ( rd ) , Sayedna Moinuddin Chisti (rd) , Sayedana Imam Rabbani (rd) and other muslims who loved and followed Rasul Allah ( sal allah hu alai hi wa sallam) cannot do any thing after

they are dead.

BUT the height of hypocrisy is that the same DEOBANI SCHOOL has issued a fatwa that prophet can not move from his resting place in medina al munawwara.

See detail here.

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