Healing power !

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I request all Deobandis to read this incidence carefully. Think over it and make judgement. This is from one of the most famous Deobandi book” Arwahe Thalatha” written by Mawlana Zahoor ul Hasan and Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvee wrote commentary to it.This book is used a source of inspiration among Deobandis , to follow the foot steps of their ‘akabir” and realize how great their ‘akabir”were.

I request that no Deobandi friend should have any ill feeling towards me. I am not quoting any sunni (barelwi) book. Everything is from Deobandi book. .

While narrating the virtues of “Ustadhul Ulema “, Mawlana Yaqoob sahab Nanotvee., it says

“ Mawlana Moinuddin sahab was the eldest son of Mawlana Yaqoob. He narrates one miracle ( karamat) of Mawlana Yaqoob which took place after his death. He said , during one winter season , a large population of the town of Nanot was suffering from a type of fever. Who ever used to take soil from the grave of Mawlan (yaqoob) and tie ( on their body) used to surely get healed. ( Mitti le ja kar bandh leta usey HEE araam ho jata).People took so much soil from the grave that when ever I used to put fresh soil on the grave , it used to be taken away by the people in no time. I was fed up from putting soil again and again on his grave . So I went to his grave and said “ you are doing miracle ( karamat) but I am suffering. Remember , if any one gets healed this time , I will not put any soil over your grave . You will remain like this and people will step over your grave with their shoes” ( This son was hot tempered). After that day , no one got healed from the soil. The news of this healing was spread very fast and now this news also spread that no healing happens from grave and people stopped taking soil from the grave.

( Arwahe Thalath, page 322)


Analysis .

All my Deobandi friend can lable the entire population of the town of Nanot as ‘ mushrik”, because they thought there is a ‘direct” healing effect in the soil of the grave. Mawlana Moinuddin sahab too had this aqidah. Mawlana Ashraf ali thanvee has approved this incidence and he has no comment to it , whether it is ‘shirk/ biddah/ haram/ kufr/ makruh”. The incidence is mentioned under “ virtues ( hakayat) of Mawlana Yaqoob Nanotvee. Deobandis can not say” how are we responsible if the normal population was doing this”? Because , the incidence is mentioned as approval and karamat in your book under the approval of Mawlana Ashraf Ali. We will not be wise in promoting ‘shirk” through our books.

If any Deobandi friend wants to make an interpretation of this incidence I request him to make his comments on this thread.

Mawlana Moinuddin spoke to a dead man in grave and this dead man could hear also. Mawlana Moinuddin warned him to stop this healing effect and the dead man in grave stopped showing his karamat , which shows this ‘miracle” was directly under his control . He could show karamt when he wanted.

I can write at least 10 pages on analysis. But for the time being , let my Deobandi friends read this and then be ready for my next post which again is from a Deobandi book.

It seems Mawlana Yaqoob Nanotvee was a great Deobandi personality. The soil from his grave was healing people. Does any Deobandi know where can I meet khalifah of Mawlana Yaqoob and which tariqah was he in?

But how can I relate this incidence with , what the founder of Deobandism said in his book?

In explaining a hadith , Mawlana Ismaeel Dehalvee said :
“ this means he ( prophet) will also die and get mixed with soil”

( scan provided earlier with exact quote)

And then , in the same book , Taqwiyatul Iman , he said
”The one whose name is mohammed and ali has no power over anything”
( scan provided before)

If any Deobandi friend gets time , please explain me , how the soil of Mawlana Nanotvee’s grave could heal people and he was doing it with all self possessed power, that is why he stopped this when he was warned.!

Deobandi scholar Mawalan Hussein Tandvee writes that wahabis are bad people and the wahabi belief is that a stick is more beneficial and powerful than prophet mohammed ( sal allahu alaihi wa salalm) , as the stick can support them and prophet can not do any thing after his death.

And Mawlana Ismaeel also said the same thing about prophet. He said prophet has mixed with soil and whose name is mohammed has no control over any thing.

Mawlana Hussein tandvee says that this was the belief of Wahabis! So tell me , will I be wrong if I call Mawlana Ismaeel Dehalvee as Wahabi? I am using the definition of wahabi given by your own scholar , Mawlana Tandvee!


Now see how ,Mawlana Asharf Ali thanvee has shown disrespect to Sultanul Awliya,Syed Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti al Husseini al hasani ,( rd) , one of the greatest awliya in this ummah. (He is buried in the Indian city of Ajmer)

Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvee says “A foreigner has written that he was amazed to see that a dead man who is laying in Ajmer is ruling over the whole India.”

(Kamalate Ashrafia, page 252)

After quoting this statement of a foreigner, Mawlana Ashraf Ali thanvee continues..

“Indeed the normal population and the rulers in particular have great faith (aqeedat) in Khawja Sahab (Moinuddin Chsiti rd).”

Azeezul hasan ( who is the author of Ashrafus sawaneh , biography of Mawlana Ashraf Ali ) said “ people get benefited through Khawja sahab , that is why they have faith ( aeedat) in him”.

To this Mawlana Ashraf Ali thanvee replied

“Allah deals with people as per the opinion people have towards Allah’ ( Allah taa’la ke saath jaisa husene zan ho waisa hee mamla farmatey hain). Even the idol worshippers get benefit from worshipping Idols. This is not a proof. Proof is adherence to shariah”

(Kamaltey Ashrafia , page 252) .

Analayis .

He is the same Mawlana Ashraf Ali thanvee , who in his book Hifzul Iman , equated the knowledge of prophet with knowledge possessed by animals , lunatics , child etc.
He is same Mawlana Ashraf Ali who said that the statement “ if Allah and prophet wills this work will be done” , is shirk

As per Mawlana Ashraf Ali , one of the greatest awliya of Allah in this ummah, Sayed Moinuddin chisti al husseini al hasani (rd) was not adhering to shariah. This great awliya of Allah , upon whose hand millions of non muslims accepted Islam , was not a follower of shariah. History tells that in the ummah of prophet Mohammed ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam ) , the maximum number of non muslims accepting Islam on the hands of one individual is this great wali of Allah , Khawja Moinuddin chisti (rd) . He was on the highest stage of wilayah.

Earlier we have seen how soil from the grave of a Deovandi scholar could heal people and that book has a commentary of Mawlana Ashraf Ali thanvee. But same Mawlana did not accept karamat of Syed Moinuddin Chisti (rd).

I request Deobandis to stop showing disrespect to prophet and those great Awliya who followed prophet and are friends of Allah.

Only the wahabis show disrespect to prophet and awliya Allah.

Note: Here is an artcile which has got many narrations regarding life iof awliya in grave. It has quotes from book of Fiqh also , regarding tomb etc.