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Meer Wajid ali Qannawji narrates this incidence from his shaykh Mawlana Qasim that once he ( Mawlana Qasim) went to the ( town of ) Gangoh. There was an earthen pot kept in the “Khankah” . He took that earthen pot and put it in the well to get some water. When he drank the water , it was bitter. At the time of Zuhar Salah , he met Hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed) and told about the bitter water. Hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed) told that the water of this well is very sweet. He then presented that earthen pot filled with water to Hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed). When Hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed) drank water , he also found the water to be bitter. Hazrat said” ok leave it here” and he went for Zuhar Salah. After finishing Zuhar Salah , Hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed ) told everyone present there to recite” Kalima Tayyeb” as much as they can. Hazrat also recited kalmia tayyeb and after some time raised his hand , made dua ( supplication) and rubbed his hands on his face. After that , he took that earthen pot and dran water. It was found very sweet . Every one drank water and there was no bitterness in it. Then Hazrat told that” this earthen pot is made from the soil of a grave whose inhabitant was under “ punishment of the grave”. Alhamduillah , due to the blessings ( barakah) of kalmia tayyeb , now the punishment has been taken off .

( Tazkiratur Rashid , vol 1, page 271)

( old edition , vol 2 , page 212)

Following points to be noted from this incidence

1.Mawlana Rashid Gangohi found out that earthen pot is made from the soil of a grave. This pot was of course made by some potter and that time Malwna was not there. He still could know the origin of the soil.

2.Mawlana Couls find out what is happeneing to the inhabitant of the grave.

3.Mawlana could find the relation between the bitterness of water and the man in grave.

4 Above all , when the punishment was taken off , Mawlana even came to know this.


1.To think that prophet was given the knowledge of ghyab ( unseen ) is SHIRK( Fawtwa Rashidiya, By same Mawlana Rashid Gangohi)

2. The who thinks that prophet was given the knowledge of the unseen he is a liar and is in kufr. ( Taqwiyatul Iman , Ismaeel Dehalvee)

3 The one who claims that he has the knowledge of the unseen and he can know the things of ghayb ( unseen) then he is a liar ( taqwiyatul Iman , Ismaeel Dehalvee)

4.Prophets, Awliya, Jinn ,shaytan, fairy and ghost do not have any special status in knowing the knowledge of the unseen . ( Taqwiyatul Iman , Ismaael Dehalvee)

5.Any one who says that except Allah , some one else also has knowledge of ‘ ghayb’ ( unseen) ,he is indeed kafir, he should not be made imam of the prayer. No relation should be kept with him ( Fatwa Rashidiya , Vol 2, page 10)

6.when the prophets do not have the knowledge of the unseen, it would not be impermissible to say ‘ ya rasul ALLAH’ ( fatwa rashhidya , vol 2 page 3).

7The prophet being higher than the angle of death does not mean that he knows more than or even equal to angel of death in these ( earthly ) matters.

( Baraheen Qatiya , Mawlana Rashid and Mawlana Kahleel)

8.Shaykh Abdul Haq has narrated that prophet was not aware of what is behind the wall ( barahen qatiya)

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