Is it possible?

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Mawlana Munazir Hasaan narrates a very strange incidence. He narrates that a few people were gathered in “chatta masjid ‘in Deoband. (Name of a masjid). Mawlana Yaqoob (inchanarge, madarsa Deoband) was also present in that group. Mawlana Yaqoob said

“I was about to die today morning, while I was performing salah. People asked him, what was the reason? He replied that , while he was reciting sura Muazammil, his heart was seized due to some “ strange power” and his spirit ( ruh) was about to leave the body , but some how this condition passed very quickly. He continued and said that after performing salah he pondered over the whole incidence and it was told to him that durng that time ( when his heart was seized) Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee , who was in Merath ( another city) made “ tawaajjah ‘( concentration) towards him .
It was the effect of his concentration that his spirit ( ruh ) was about to leave the body and he had a difficult time”

He continues ( this is very interesting !!)…

“ How can those who use mind to analyse everything understand this matter? The distance between Deoband and the city of Merath is so much and this distance was not at a matter of hinderance”

(sawaneh qasimi. Vol 1, p 345)


Analysis .

Now how can I understand this strange incidence? I really need some Deobandi friend to explain me the whole matter. Mawalan Yaqoob , ( incharge Madarsa Deoband) really had an elevated stage! As soon as he finished his salah , he pondered over the issue and like a Satellite TV channel , everything was shown to him with in fractions. Forget about months, hours or minutes ,, he came to know with in seconds that Mawlana Qasim sitting in some other city did this !

But Deobandis should hang their head in shame. This is their belief about their ‘In house’ scholars. But when it comes to prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) then the aqeeda of the whole Deobandi group is this

“ In many matters prophet used to make concenttarion, used to be worried and he used to be silent . In this incidence of ‘ Ifk ‘ ( Sayyeda Ayesha Rd lost her ring and enemies of islam started speaking bad about her) prophet made “tawajjah” but he could not know anything. Only after 1 montn he was informed through ‘wahi’ (revelation).

( Hifzul Iman , By Mawlana Asharf ali thanvee page 7).

When it comes to their “in house’ scholars , Deobandi belief is that they can know everything with theit ‘tawajjaah” sitting at far away places.

I ask each and every Deobandi , do you still need more evidences to prove that your scholars have indeed shown disrespect to prophet and have tried to lower his status and personality.?

If we really fear the extreme heat on the day of judgment, on which sayyedul Anmbiya ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) will intercede for us, then let us stop praising those who have shown disrespect to our prophet.

And not to forget their book ‘Taqwiyatul Iman’ which says

“ To think that some one other than Allah can know the knowledge of the unseen , or what is happening in some other city , whether the belief is that they have this self possessed knowledge or given by Allah , in all the cases it is shirk”

(Taqwiyatul Iman, page 10)