Mirza Hairat, Deobandis and Mawlana Fazle Haq

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A deobandi wrote:

“Mawlana Shah Ismail shaheed was barred for 40 days from preaching in public because of fear for so-called fitna. After that Shah shaheed wrote to the mayor of Dehli and mentioned 80 reasons why he should be allowed to preach. Mayor was convinced and signed an order and told Mawlana Fazl Haq Khairabadi to issue this order. After few days when Mawlana Shah shaheed received no reply to his letter he went to meet the mayor. Mayor appologized and mentioned that I have signed a new order allowing you to preach. At this Mawlana shaheed mentioned that he has received no such order. It had been six days and Fazl Haq Khairabadi was suspended for three months for not following the orders. He left Dehli for Rampur. This incident had a great impact on the general public and more and more people joined the lectures of Shah Ismail shaheed.

[Hayat Tayibah, 105-106]

This incident took place during the reign of Akbar Shah II, second-to-last of the Mughal sultans. He ruled from 1806 to 1837

My question is

How can some people priase this man who did this type of act?”


‘O believers! If any disobedient comes to you with any news make a strict inquiry lest you may hurt any people improperly then remain repenting on what you have done. ( 49: 6)

Deobandis are in the habit of quoting paragraphs from books written against scholars of Ahlus sunnah wal jamah. They do not read the original book and this can be realized by reading this article.

Mirza Hayat dehlvi died in 1928 CE. He was born around 1850 CE.

[ There is slight difference between the historians regarding hisyear of birth]

Hayat Tayyibah is a biography of Ismail Dehalvi written byMirza Hayat

As perDeobandis , the incidence which has been mentioned above; took place some where between 1806- 1837. That is , Mirza Hayat was not even bornwhen this incidencetook place !Mirza Hayat has not providedany source for this incidence . Thisincidence is not mentioned in any other history book of that period , except a book by Nazeer Hussein Dehalvi , who was one year old when this incidence took place !

[ Nazeer Hussein Dehlvi was the head of Wahabis in India]

Hayat Tayyibah is a biography of Qasim Nanotvi written byMirza Hayat.

Qasim Nanotvi was born in 1779[1193]

In the same book [ Hayate Tayyibah , page 123 , Delhi edition] , MirzaHayat writes

“When this incidence took place Mawlana [ Ismail Dehalvi] was thirty two [32] years old “.

As we have seenIsmail Dehalvi was born in 1779 [ 1193 Ah]. If we add thirty two years in this , it wil become 1811[1225] .

That is, as per Mirza Hairat this incidence took place in 1811 CE [ 1225 AH]

Fazle Haq Khairabdi [Rh] was born in1797 CE. This means ,in the year1811 , Mawlana Fazle Haq Khirabadi was FOURTEEN ( 14 ) years old !

Please remember Mirza Hairat was not even born when this incidence took place . Mirza Hairat was born around 1850and as per his own book , this incidence took place in 1811 , when Fazle Haq Khairabadi was a young boy of fourteen years!

A young boy of fourteen years , goes to the british officer and complains against a preacher who isthirty two years old that time ! The british officer puts his complete trust in this boy ! This boy of fourteenyears had a high government position and was told by the britishmayor to issue an order concerning this matter!

Readers should not be amazed torealize that this is a fabricatedincidenceand no historian has mentioned this ! Mirza Hairat Dehalvi , who was against four school of fiqh , haswritten this story withoyt any refernec!

Mirza Hairatwrote this biography of Ismail Dehalvi who was also against four school of fiqh !

In the same book, Mirza Hairat has also praised MirzaGhulam Ahmed Qadyani .

Readers will laugh when they read more about Deobandi version of Fabricated history if they read another article by clicking the link below


We seek refuge in Allah , from these Deobandis who are spreading lies on internet.

Abdullah Qadri

2nd Muharram , 1430 AH

[ 31 DEC , 2008]