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Shah Imdadullah Muhajir Makki (Rh) had a disciple (mureed) whose name was Maulvi Muhammad Ismail. He has written a book called “Karamat-e-Imadadiya”[Miracles of (Haji) Imdadullah ]. This book is published from Kutub Khana Hadi ,Deoband.

If the sight is not burdened then read a blood shedding story clashing with the belief of monetheism (Tawheed).

In this very Karamaat-e-Imdadiya it is narrated that a disciple of this very Shah Saheb was travelling by ship and was endangered in a violent rough stormy sea. It was very near to the fierce violent clashing waves to tear its boards into pieces.

Now listen to the incident that occurred thereafter personally from the narrator.

It is written:-

“When he saw that besides death there was no way.out then in that hopeless state of condition being alarmed concentrated towards his Peer( spiritual guide) who was “roshan zameer”( could knows the state of the heart) .Which moment can be more than that moment for imdad (help). God is the seeer ,the hearer and all doer. At that moment the ship was out from danger and all the people were saved.

Here this incident occurred and there the next day makhdoom jahan said to his servant, press my back it is very painful. The servant while pressing his back, when he lifted his robe saw that it was bruise and that from most part of the back the skin had been peeled. He asked, what is this and why is the back bruised? He said “nothing”. It was asked again. He remained silent. He asked again for the third time “ Hazrat it has been abraded somewhere and you did not even go anywhere”. He said a ship was sinking. In it was your religious brother whose bewailing made me restless that I lifted the ship, supporting it on my back and went forward with it until the servants of lord were saved. It must have got bruised with it and for that reason it is paining. It must not be mentioned.”

(Karamaat-e-Imdadiyah Page 18)

This state of an affair of their Shaykh’s ghaybi powers of perceptions and divine authority are being explained that he heard the cry for help from thousands of miles away. He did not only hear but also knew where the danger is in the vast ocean. He did not only know but also got there within the blink of an eye saving the ship from the storm and returned.

Yet with respect to the Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi wa sallam) their expression of belief is this:-

“As certain people who call buzurg (pious people) from far away saying that “Ya Hazrat pray to Allah that He with His power fulfill our desires”. And then they think they haven’t committed Shirk due to not asking him but requesting him to pray. This is untrue because shirk( polytheism) is not proven in the way of requesting but in the way of proclaiming (calling).”

(Taqwiyatul Imaan, by Founder of Deobandism/ wahabism in India Ismail Dehalvi, Page 23)

Here it is seeking and also invoking despite the accumulation of these two shirk, their monopoly is still established on Monotheism (Tawheed).

We are mushrik only for this reason that those belief which they regard as lawful with respect to their house leaders, those very belief we have established as passion of our belief with respect to the Apostle of God, Martyrs of Karbala, Ghaus-e- Jeelani and Khwaja-e-khwajgaan . If this is known as shirk then change the implication of shirk but we will not change our course.

Abdullah Sabri Chisti