Refuting false allegation

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Refuting false allegations on Scholars of Ahlus Sunnah.

Deobandi allegation.

A deobandi posted a U tube Video on this thread in which he has attacked the great scholar of Islam , Mujaddid of the last century , Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (rh). The Deobandi friend was requted to support his claim by providing details of this book in which the so called “derogatory remarks” were made by Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) against Sayyeda Ayesha Siddiqa (Rd).

Even after a week he could not make a simple reply. And the truth is no deobandi can back up this claim. All they can do is to quote secondary source and rely on them , without checking the original books. It is known that to understand the Barelwi- Deobandi conflict one must not only read the books of their scholars but also read history books.

In the subcontinent the Ahlus sunnah is called Barelwi and Deobandis are called Wahabis , along with the real wahabis. If one wants to confirm this , you can come to any Indian city and ask a road side shopkeepr” where is sunni masjid? And he will take you to a Barelwi masjid. If you ask him where is ‘Wahabi masjid” he will tell you the address of either a Deobandi masjid or a Wahabi masjid.

No Deobandi should feel offended. I can show from Deobandi books where your ” Akabir’ ulema have called them self as ‘Wahabi”.

The young Deobandi generation makes a claim in that Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (rh) has used derogatory words against Sayyeda Ayesha (rd) in his book Hadaike Bakhshish Vol 3.

The truth is , Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) died in 1921 CE ( 1340 AH). While he was alive he himself got published his poetry work , Hadaike Bakhsish Vol 1 and Vol 2 . Two years after his death, Allama Mehboob Ali Khan(rh) collected unpublished poetry work of Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) and ordered its publication. Mawlana Mehboob Ali Khan (rh) himself was a great poet and his poetry work was also being published from the same printing press. (Mawlana Mehboob Ali Kahn is the brother of the great scholar of Ahlus sunnah , Lion of Ahlus sunnah , Mufti Hashmat Ali Khan( rh)).

The poetry works of Mawlana Mehboob ali and Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) got intermixed and 1 page from the work of Mawlana Mehboob ali was published under the work of Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) as Hadaike Bakhsish Vol3.

And who pointed out this “problem” firsrt? It was none other than the great Scholar of Ahlus sunnah Allama Mushtaq Ahmed Nizami (rh). The problematic couplet having words like” my youth”( written in connection with Sayyeda Ayesha Rd) was from Allama Mehboon Ali Khan.

On 9th Zil Qadah , 1348 AH , Mawlana Mehboob Ali khan did tawbah for his usage of those words. The tawba ( repentence ) was made publicly and was published in the urdu Magzine “Tarjuman e ahle sunat ‘ published from Bommbay. One hundred and nineteen ( 119) scholars were witness to this Tawba.

He recited Shahada again and did tajdeed e nikah.

The incidence is also mentioned as a fatwa in ‘ Majmua fatwa Mazhariya” , by Mufti Mazharullah (rh) , who was the Imam of Fatehpuri Masjid.

This was first pointed in 1955 and only sunnis pointed out this mistake and the sunni scholar took back his words , did public tawaba and that couplet was never printed again.

The senior Deobandi scholar know this story and its connection with Allama Mehboon Ali . But the young Deobandis who are unaware of even the books written by their own scholars, make a fabrication and say it was written by Imam Ahmed Raza (rh)!

If only they can see the first edition of these work. Hadaike Bakhsish Vol 1 and Vol2 , has the name Ahmed Raza Khan and vol 3 which was published after his death has the name Imam Ahmed Raza Khan RAHAMATULLAH.

The incidence is not too old . All this happened in 1955 CE and many people are still alive who were witness to the whole episode.

But how can Deobandis get time to investigate the truth? Their only way is the fabricate books , and make false U tube and upload it on internet!

Other Deobandi Allegation

1) Deobandi Scholar Mawlana Ihsan Ilahi Zahiri was a rabid anti-Sufi who wrote a pernicious book titled al-Barelwiyya in collaboration with the publishers of Matba`at al-Rashid, a Saudi publishing house based in Madina. The book is prefaced by a certain Atiyya Muhammad Salim from Saudi Arabia.

As usual , this book has objections agaisnt Mawlid, istighatha , Urs, tawassul etc. It was refuted in Arabic and has been translated into Urdu as well by Allama Hakeem Sharf Qadri (rh) , under the title ‘ Al barelwiat ka tanqeedi wa tahqeeie jayaza ‘ ( A critical and in depth alalysis of Al barelwiat). This book is online in more than 400 pages.

2) Deobandis keep making false allegations on Imam Ahmed Raza (rh). Among the list of allegation is ‘why did Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) showed so much importance to Shaykh Abdul Qadir (rd)’!

All these type of allegation has been answered under a book ” Ala Hazrat per 150 etarzat ke jawab” By Mawlana Mohammed Jahangeer Naqshbandi .( Answer to 150 objections on Ala Hazrat ( Imam Ahmed Raza (rh)). This book is also online in Pdf format.

3) The latest Deobandi book”Mutalli’a Barelwiyat” written by Pakistani Deobandi Scholar Khalid Mahmood . This is his Phd work! He has attacked Imam Ahmed Raza Khan and as usual attack on barelwis with regard to usual topics.

This has been refuted by Allama Mohammed Ali of Pakistan under the name ‘ Deobandi madhab ka mubahisa” in 2 volumes. This book is not yet online. Insha Allah when I get time I will scan and uplaod it.

There are other books also written refuting “Mutali’a Barelwiyat” by Ahlus Sunnah scholars.

Recently I saw a Deobandi using the reference from this book” Mutali’a Barelwiyat” and attacking Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) in connection with Shaykh Abd al-Aziz Dabagh (rh).

After reading that post I could make out that this Deobandi has neither read Al – Ibriz by Shaykah Abd al Aziz Dabagh (rh) nor Malfoozat of Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) in which he has mentioned incidence from Al- Ibriz. The Deobandi friend totaly relied on the work of deobandi scholar Mawlana Khalid Mahmood.

Interested readers can get their Urdu copy of Al Ibriz , which has been published from Pakistan by Ahlus sunnah scholar. Insha Allah , we are trying to get it publshed in India in near future.

Insha Allah the Deobandi artcile attacking Imam Ahmed Ahmed Raza (rh) will be replied in futute with scans from original book , again showing Deobandi habit of twisting fact.

Answering one Wahabi lie

A wahabi wrote some where on the internet

“Diwan e Muhammadi” of the Brawli Peer Muhammad Yar Faridi “

This wahabi is ignorant. I cannot call him a lier , giving him the benifit iof doubt. He does not know who was ” Muhammed Yar Faridi” who is also called ” Muhammed Yar Gadhi” as he was from the place called ‘ gadh’ in pakistan. Without knowing any thing about this person , the wahabi calls him ” Barelwi’ and then quotes some of his poetry which are not correct as per shariah.

I fail to understand why do these wahabis never bother to investigate the truth? Muhammad Yaf Gadhi was not a scholar of Ahlus sunnah. His website does speak that he got his ‘aalim” degree from some madarsa, bur Ahlus sunnah never accepted him as a scholar of Ahlus sunnah. He was known as a poet and that was his field. He wrote poetry. The pakistani Ahlus sunnah scholars made it very clear that just because he is associated with the sufi tarqiah , does not make him a spokeperson for Ahlus sunnah.

It will be like calling Amina Wadood as Wahabi , for she also does not beleive in 4 schools of fiqh. So tomorrow I will quote Amina Wadood as a wahabi spokesperson?

I hope wahabis will stop confusing muslims on the internet and spend some time doing maraqba near the grave of Ibn Abdul Wahab Najdi al tamimi.

Another Wahabi attack

The same wahabi attacked Sayyeduna , Shaykh Al Akbar , Ibn Al Arabi (rd) on his work ‘ Fusus al Hikam”

This topic has already been answered on this forum with all details and proof that the work of Shaykh Al Akbar was temprted with. More ever , wahabis should not try to understand tasawwuf. It is simply beyond their understanding! Imagine a wahabi trying to know what is alame mithal , or jabroot , lahut! When they cannot understand all this , they should keep themself away from tasawwuf.

If wahabis want to know miracles of awliya they should read Tabaqatal Hanabila and madarijus saaliqeen