Shirk Nmaes in Deoband

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What do you say about naming children with names like’ Nabi Bakhsh,Peer Bakhsh,Salaar Bakhsh, Madar Bakhsh?

Answer : By Mawlana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi

“These names are Shirk , should not be kept and should be changed.
( Fatwa Rashidiya, page 69)

Baheshti Zewar

“Keeping names likes Ali Bakhsh, Hussein Bakhsh, Abdul Nabi or to say if Allah and Prophet (rasul) wills then this work will be successful, all this is shirk”
( Bahesti Zewar, Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvee, page 46 , before fabrications were done )

No problem. Let us now open “Tazkiratur rasheed” , biography of Mawlana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi.

Paternal family tree of Mawlana Rashid Ahmed (Father’s lineage)

“Mawlana Rashid Ahmed (son of) Mawlana Hidayat Ahmed (son of) Qadi PEER BAKHSH ( son of) Qadi GHULAM HASAN ( son of ) Qadi GHULAM ALI.

Maternal family tree of Mawlana Rashid Ahmed (Mother’s lineage)

Mawlana Rashid Ahmed (son of) Karimunnisa (daughter of) FAREED BAKHSH ( son of ) GHULAM QADIR ( son of) Mohammed Swaleh ( son of) GHULAM MOHAMMED.

( Tazkiraturrashid, vol 1 , page 32)

Question: Who was Mawlana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi’s first teacher?
Answer= Mian jee QUTUB BAKHSH

Ref: Tazkiraturrashid, vol 1 , page 39

Question: Who was the first Arabic teacher of Mawlana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi?

Answer= Maulvee MOHAMMED BAKHSH.

Ref: Tazkiraturrashid, vol 1 , page 48

So , respected reader , what is the outome? Read how many ‘Bakhsh” in the life of Mawlana Rashid Ahmed alone and don’t forget that all these names are shirk!

Mawlana Rashid Ahmed was surrounded by Shirk right from his birth!