Spirit Fighting in Deoband !

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Mawlana Ismail Dehalvi , the forefather of Deobandi Jammat, wrote a book” Sirate Mustaqeem” in Persian language. This book has been translated in urdu language and published many times by Deoband.

Mawlana Ismail Dehalvi narrates a very interesting incidence about his murshid ( spiritual teacher), Sayyed Ahmed Barelvi.

Please read this and see this cold blooded murder of Deobandi belief in the writing of their forefather.


“ Once , there was a fight between the spirits (ruh) of Hazrat Gauth us saqalain( shaykh Abdul qadir gilani rh) and Hazrat Khawaja Bahuddin Naqshband for over 1 month. The spirits were fighting over the issue that who will give spiritual training to Sayed Ahmed Barelwi. The spirits of both of these shaykh ( shaykh Abdul Qadir gilani and Khawaja Bahuddin Naqshband) wanted to be “proud” of being the only one to give training to Sayed Ahmed Barelwi.

After fighting for 1 month the spirits of both these shaykh agreed that they both will give training to Sayed Ahmed Barelwi. Therefore,one day the spirits( Ruh )of both these shaykhs appeared on sayed Ahmed Barelwi and with full effect and concentration gave the “spiritual effect” .The effect was so strong that Sayed Ahmed Barelwi got linked ( nisbat) with both ( Qadri and Naqshbandi) silsila ( sufi order).

( Sirate mustaqeem, Persian , page 166)

This is their love and respect for their scholars and ‘murshid”! They elevate them above shaykh Abdul qadir gilani Rh and Khwaja Bahuddin Naqshband!

Even spirits are fighting !

And when it comes to our beloved prophet ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) , then their mind and pen cannot think of good words. They use derogatory words for prophet.