Story of a Dead Boy

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Mawlna Munazir Ahsan Gilani has narrated such an incidence that after reading which you will be compelled to send question to Deobandi Fatwa website , whether is true or not.

This will also compel you to think, why is that these types of “authentic narrations” mentioned in famous Deobandi books are not told to public? And leaving apart that, you will find Deobandis accusing Sunni of” Shirk, biddah and grave worshipping”.

After reading this incidence, please ask yourself, how correct it is to accuse Muslims as those “who ask from other than Allah” and when similar incidence is related about Deobandi scholars, the pen goes silent.

Again, no Deobandi should harbour any ill feeling towards me. I am neither passing my personal opinion, nor quoting from books written by “opponents” of Deobandis.

Enjoy this incidence about Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee, narrated by Mawlana Munazir Ahsan Gilani, in Sawaneh Qasimi.

“Once Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee was passing through a village which had a huge shia population . When the sunnis heard about the arrival of Mawlana , they were full with joy and invited Mawlan to deliver a lecture. The shias got worried and planned to disrupt the lecture. They called four great Shia scholars from Lucknow. Shia made a plan that each of these Shia scholars will sit in each corner and ask ten questions to Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee.

Please read further to know what happened.

“ Mawlana started his lecture and he went on answering all the question in the same sequence , which the shias had planned to ask . The moment any Shia scholar would raise his neck, Mawlana would automatically answer the question WHICH THE SHIA SCHOLAR HAD thought of asking. So the whole function went off peacefully”

(Sawaneh Qasimi, vol 2, page 71, scan)

The story continues…

“The shias felt defeated and made another plan to mock Mawlana Qasim nanotvee. As per this new plan , they would declare a young boy to be dead and ask Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee to perform his salatul Janaza( prayer for the deceased) and the moment Mawlana would start his prayer , the young boy would get up and this would put Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee in an awkward situation.”

“When shias made the request to Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee , he said , how can he perform salatual Janaza for a Shia, as there is difference between shia and sunni laws? But shias said a “saint (buzurg) of any group is a saint for all and so it does not matter. After repeated attempts Hazrat (Qasim nanotvee) agreed.

Plz read the next part of the story very carefully .

“When Hazrat (Qasim Nanotvee) reached the spot crowd was waiting. Hazrat ( Qasim Nanotvee) was STANDING AT ONE SIDE AND HIS FACE WAS FULL WITH ANGER . THE EYES WERE RED AND HIS ANGER COULD BE SEEN ON FACE.
When shias told him to perform the salatul janaza, he went and started the prayer. After the prayer started the young boy who was to stand up as per plan ( to mock and humiliate Mawlana qasim) did not get up, then some ( shia ) from the gatheting made a noise to remind that boy. But he did not get up.

“ After Hazrat ( Qasim Nanotvee) completed Salatul Janaza, he said in anger that this boy will not get up before Qiyamah ( day of Judgement) in any case. When the shia checked , they found that the boy was dead and they started crying”

( Sawaneh Qasimi , Vol 2 , page 71-72)


Analysis of the whole incidence.

I request all the readers to fear Allah and make a correct decision on this issue. Do not take any side; remember on the day of Judgement we will be accountable individually for our belief and actions.

We have seen two incidences here. In the first case , Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee could know the questions which were in the hearts of four shia scholars and that was not enough to prove his ‘greatness’ so , it was also mentioned that he came to know the questions in the same sequence which these four scholars had in their heart.

Can you see? When it comes to “IN HOUSE” saints and scholars, then how comfortably all the incidences are accepted like a shining mirror! They do not find any trace of shirk and Biddah. They do not find any attack on tawhid. But when it comes to Prophets and Awliya, then this is their belief:

“The prophets and Awliya do not have ANY SUPERIORITY that they can know what is in the heart of others. They cannot find out that a person is living or dead or wheter he is in which city ‘
(Taqwiyatul Iman page 25, Delhi edition)

Just in case some of you might forget, I would like to remind you that, this is the same book, (Taqwiyatul Iman) regarding which Mawlana Rashid Ahmed said
“To keep this book and read this book is REAL ISLAM (AYN ISLAM).”

Now let us analyse the next incidence.

You might have read those words that Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee was full with anger, his eyes were red and the anger was visible on his face. All this is described just to make us believe that he already came to know that the boy was not dead in reality, but just pretending! But the climax of the story is when Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee said “Now he will not get up before the day of judgement”! It is clear with the usage of these words that due to the ‘tasarruf” (to exercise governing control) of Mawlana, the boy died immediately and Mawlana even came to know this!!

Now see the other belief of the same Deobandi group

Belief 1

To have’ tasarruf ‘ and implement ones will, to give death to some one or to keep some one alive, all this belong to Allah only and it does not belong to any prophet or Awliya or Spritual teacher or ghost or any fairy. If some one speaks or attributes this to any one except Allah, then it is SHIRK. (Taqwiyatul Iman, page 10)

(In this book, Ismail Dehalvee has always used prophets and awliya along with “Bhoot’ (ghost) and “pari” fairy). This is not to express the greatness of Allah, but to show disrespect to prophets.).

Belief 2

If some one thinks that prophet had the knowledge of the unseen, then it is SHIRK
(Fatwa Rashidiya)

Belief 3

The knowledge of the unseen whch prophet had is no ‘special knowledge” , rather this type of knowledge of the unseen is also possessed by lunatics , animals , tom , harry or any insane person.[ Ashraf ali thanvi]

After reading this belief, some of you would like to read the above incidence again.

Please bear in mind that the whole incidence is mentioned in Sawaneh Qasimi (biogrpahy of Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee, founder of Darul Uloom Deoband), written by Mawlana Manzur Ahsam Gilani and has been published by Darul Uloom deoband itself.

May Allah keep the ummah united and bring back all those to the true path of Ahlus Sunnah, who are off track. Ameen.

May we all work together to strengthen the ummah. Ameen

May we all follow the shariah of prophet (alaihis Salam) and die with Iman and Islam. Ameen