Takfeer Rules: Deobandi View: Part 1

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Condtions and Rules for making Takfir upon some one : by Murtaza Hasan Darbhangi ( who was Head , Dept of Tableegh, Darul Uloom Deoband).

1.To disrespect prophets and deny the essential parts of the religion.

3. The one who does not make takfir upon those who show disrepect to prophet or takes precaution in it , is also commiting an act of kufr.

This is from Murtaza Hasan Darbhangee al Deobandi( As shadeedul adhaab, page 9)

Similar ruling can be found in Al Muhannad.

It is a matter of consensus that any disrespect to prophet is kufr among the 4 schools of Ahlus sunnah. Wahabis will find the similar ruling in “as-Sarim al-Maslul ‘ala Shatim ar-Rasul” by Shaykh Ibn Taymiah.

Refuting a Deobandi, it was said :

If you do not accept these rulings by Murtaza Hasan Darbhangee, then you can approach any trusted Deobandi Mufti and ask him just 2 simple quetsions:

1. What is the ruling in Islam for showing disrespect to prophet?

2. What is the ruling on those who support kufr statements and those who do not call ‘ kufr’ as “kufr?

You would be surprised to know that this is among the basic rules of Jurispudence that to” support Kufr or not calling kufr as Kufr is also a kufr. If you do not trust my words , ask any student of Drase Nizami.

When I have scanned all those statements from original Deobandi book , then at the end you come and ask what ‘If shaykh GF Haddad says this?

Is this your tuthfulness in trying to find the truth? Just because Shaykh GF Haddad ( may Allah preserve him) loves Allah and His prophet , does that mean any one can attack him? My brother , Allah will not led any one continue to show disrepect to His most beloved prophet. If we muslims will not reply , then Alllah will make a non muslim accept Islam and make him work for Islam.

You might have high respect and regards for those scholars whose books I have scanned to show their statements which IS , without any shadow of daubt , disrespectful in Honour of prophet. Similarly, I have high regards for all those scholars who speak truth. I call a spade as spade.

But If we are carried away by our love towards scholars, then theis will not help us in making right judgement. That is why I am quoting only Deobandi books. I am requesting you , to go and find out the ruling on matter of disrepect to prophet and not calling a kufr as Kufr. I will accept your investigation as long as you bring from classical scholars of Ahlus sunnah.

I am not here to make takfir . Insha Allah , I will continue to post evidence Only from Deobandi books and let people decide. Tell me ,is this not a big lie , which Deobandis have spread on internet that Al Muhannad is our ‘ official ‘ Aqida of Deoband? I have already posted enough proof on matters of ‘usool’ on which we differ from Deobandis.

Don’t you know Mawlana Rashid Gangohi said explicity in his fatwa that to belive that prophet had Ilme Ghayb is SHIRK and prayer should not be perfomred behind those people who have this belief. Now imagine , if I start bringing quotes of Imam Ibn Hajar ( rh) , Qadi Iyad (rh) , Allamah Qastalani (rh) , Allamah Sadi (rh) who have all stated clearly on this issue. And then I ask you’ do you agree that all these scholars were commiting shirk as per fatwa of Mawlana Rashid Ahmed? Where will that put you?

I would like to continue discussion on this topic which you have raised. All, I request you is to find the ruling on those matters which I have requested above. If you are busy and can’t get those ruling , I can scan from the classical books of Aqidah and Fiqh.

I made a request to get the reference for that fatwa of Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) so that it can be shown that Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) did not have any personal enimity with these 5 scholars. Why I make this point is , because many Deobandis spread this lie that Imam Ahmed Raza (rh) and Mawlana Ahsraf Ali studied together in Deoband and their difference started during that time. It is a lie.

I can scan the letter which Imam Ahmed Raza rh sent to Mawlana Ashraf ali thanvee and requested him to clarify his position on the statement he wrote. Imam Ahmed Raza rh waited for 13 years before issuing the fatwa.

And what else do we have scholars of Ahlus sunnah for? When the fitna of Rashid Khalifah (hadith rejector) started then all the scholars of Islam issued fatwa of kufr against him. Had they not done this , general muslim population would have been mis lead. When Mawdoodi came up with his idea of ‘ new refined Islam” , he was rejected , by Scholars of Ahlus sunnah. So any time a new fitna crops up, the responsibility is upon the people of knowledge to refute it. If they do not do it , they will be questioned about it on the day of judgment. I am not among the people of knowledge, but I have some study of Deobandi belief and so I post here , in my effort to bring the truth to the people.

I usually do not talk off the topic. But you put forward some quetsions , so i had to write all this.

I personally do not support/ praise those scholars who have shown disrespect to Sayyedul Anmbiya ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam). Every one is ruled by Shariah. So I would like to again make a humble request to you:

1. Go to any scholar whom you trust and ask him the ruling on Islam on those who have shown disrepect to prophet.

2. What is the ruling on those who do not call Kufr as Kufr.

After that , you can take your decision.

And one last point. Internet is full of so many Deobandi website and so many Muftis and top scholars make their post. Why is it that NO DEOBANDI is ready to discuss AL MUHANNAD?

If Deobandis think , by not participating in this thread , they will make me quit, they are wrong. Insha Allah , I will continue to post here ONly FROM deobandi books.

If any Deobandi friend is reading this post, kindly check for question no 21 in Original AL MUhannad . Please let the world know what answer Mawlana Khaleel Ambethvee wrote for that question.