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Said Imaam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelwi Rahmatullah in the end of his book Tamheed-e-eeman (in Urdu) refuting slanders against him

To deceive the public these (Deobandis) people have contrived a scheme. They say “What is the dependability of these scholars of Ahl as-Sunnah ? These people (The Sunnis) say Kafir on petty things. Their machine churns out only the decrees declaring people as Kaafir. They have said Kaafir to Ismayil dahalwi, Mawli Ishaaq Sahab, Mawlwi `Abdul Hayy” [Here the Imaam implies that he hasn’t said so] and those who are shameless say that I have said Kaafir to – I seek Allah’s refuge, Ma`aadhallah – Hadrat Shah `Abdul Aziz, Shah Waliullah, Haaji Imdaadullah, Mawlana Shah Fazal ar-Rahmaan (All scholars of Ahl as-sunnah!) and those beyond all boundaries of modesty, say that I have said Kaafir to – I seek Allah’s refuge, once again I seek Allah’s refuge – that I have said Kaafir to Hadrat Shaykh Mujaddid Alf Thaani Rahmatullahi `alayh; (implying I have never said so) they mention the names of those who are respected by the person they are talking to. In fact some of them went to Mawlana Mawlwi Shah Muhammad Husayn Allahabadi and said that I have said Kaafir to – Ma`aadhallah, Ma`aadhallah, Ma`aadhallah – Shaykh-e-Akbar Hadrat Mohiy ad-Din ibn `Arabi quddisa sirruhu! May Allah grant the Mawlana an exalted place in paradise for he did not believe those liars. Rather he followed the verse:

“in jaa-akum faasiqun bi nabayin fa tabayyanuu” // if a faasiq, disobeidient comes to you with some news, make sure of it (Examine whether it is true)

And he wrote to me asking whether I had done so. I wrote to him back negating it in the form of a booklet by name : “injaa al-baree `an waswaasil muftaree”. When the Mawlana read it he said “laa Hawla wa laa quwwa illa billah” on the deceit of these people (Deobandis)


And the answer to such calumny is only that which your Lord Almighty Allah says:

“innamaa yaftariyalladheena laa yu-minuun” // the liars, slanderers are those who do not believe. (surah an-namal ; aayah)

And says He:

“fa naj`al la`anatallahi `alal kaadhibeen” // and we shall curse those who lie. (Surah aal `Imraan)

O Muslims, it is not difficult to ward off this deep deceit and frail fraud; ask them the proof of what the say (that I am hasty in declaring kaafirs); ask them where I have said so. Which is that book, which is that journal, which is that fatwaa, which is that pamphlet wherein I have said so? If you can’t show it now, then for which day have you kept it in safety? And Allah knows, they can never show you a speck of proof to substantiate their slanders. For see what Allah says, for those who can’t prove :

O Muslims your Lord Almighty says:

“fa idh lam ya-tuu bish shuhadaayi fa-ulaayika `indallahi humul kaadhibuun” // if they can’t provide thee with proofs then in the presence of Allah they are the liars; (surah an-nuur; aayah)

O Muslims, what is the necessity to experiment once more when proved many times. Many a time have they clamored as such. But when a Muslim has asked for a proof, they have turned their back and hid their faces ; But they are so shameless that they do not desist from such slanders. They indulge in it time and again. And why not, this is their last resort. This is a veil that they have put on the faces of those who have insulted Allah and his Rasulallah sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam. They want to convince the unknowing Muslims that the job of the Ahl as-sunnah is to only declare others as Kaafir. And they have said Kaafir to the insolent gang (the gang of deoband) too in the same strain.

O Muslims, where do they have the proof (of slanders against us Sunnis) and the sham hath no proof for “wa anna Allaha laa yahdee kaydal khaayineen” // and Allah doesn’t let the schemes of the deceitful to succeed. Therefore their false claims have been belied by themselves.

Your Lord Almighty Allah says : “qul haatuu burhaanakum in kuntum Saadiqeen” // Say ye, that bring forth the proof (of your statements) if thou art truthful.

We didn’t need to elaborate but by the grace of Allah, We shall provide documents to prove that they are lies, so that all Muslims may realize that we are slandered. And the truth be as manifest as the sun. And the proof, alHamdulillah is written and that too published and even more is that it is being published for years! Amongst those people who are accused to be called as Kaafirs by Ahl as-sunnah is Ismayil Dahalwi. For in his books there are numerous instances on which one may decree him as a Kaafir.

First instance: In my book “Subhaan as-Subbuuh `an `Aybi Kidhbil Maqbuuh” (printed by Anwaar-e-Muhammadi press, Lucknow, 1309) I have showed 75 reasons on which this Dahalwi should be termed as a Kaafir, but yet on page 90 I have said ‘The scholars of utmost caution have said that he shouldn’t be termed Kaafir; and this is the right thing’ ‘wa huwal jawaab, wa bihee yuftaa, wa `alayhil fatwaa wa huwal madh-hab wa `alayhil i`ytimaad wa feehis salaamah wa feehis sadaad’ / this is the answer, and the fatwaa is on this opinion, and this is our Madh-hab (School of thought) and we rely on it only and this is the safe path to tread on.
Second : In the book “al kawkabatush shihaabiyyah fee kufriyyati abil wahaabiyyah” which was written to refute Ismayil Dahalwi and his followers (first edition, printed by Tuhfa-e-Hanafiyyah press, Azeemabad, 1316 A.H.). In this book I have given more than 70 references from the Quran, the AHaadeeth and the verdicts of the Imaams along with page numbers, that his (Ismayils) sayings amount to Kufr. But yet, in the end on page 62 I have written : ‘According to me, and being cautious enough it is wise to hold back the tongue in saying Kafir to him (Ismayil Dahalwi only); This is what has been related to me, and accepted and considered suitable by me. Wallahu ta`aalaa a`alam.
Third : In my book “sall as-suyuuf al-hindiyyah `alaa kufriyyati baabaa an-najdiyyah” (printed in Azeemabad, 1316 A.H.) even in this Fatwaa, I have provided so many arguments valid enough to term him a Kafir, but yet on page 21 and 22 I have written:
“So far it was the arguments of fiqh on the stupid sayings ( of ismayil ); but may Allah shower countless blessings and compassion on the scholars of Ahlus sunnah, that they have excercised restraint on calling this person a Kaafir.

Inspite of this leader of Wahabis (Ismayil Wahabi) declaring the true Muslims as polytheists and disbeliever on small matters, yet they (the Ahlus sunnah) are not blind in anger, nor leave the caution to the winds, nor thirsty for revenge; but are yet saying that there is difference in ‘this requirement makes him Kaafir’ and ‘committing Kufr’. That is the statements amounting to Kufr do not hold the same ruling on he who has said them. We shall exercise restraint. And shall remain silent. As long as we have the weakest notion (that it might not be Kufr) we shall not decree on someone being Kaafir. And we fear (Allah) in ordaining so.”
Fourth : In the book “izaalatul `aar bi Hijril kiraam `an kilaabin naar” (first edition Azeemaabad, 1317 A.H.) I have said on page 10: “We adopt the ruling of the Mutakallimuun in this problem (of Ismayil Dahalwi); that he who doesn’t deny anything among the requirements of belief, nor believes such a person as a Muslim should not be called as a Kaafir.”
Fifth : Leave alone Ismaayil Dahalwi; consider this insolent gang (Thanawi, Gangohi, Qasim, Khaleel etc) on whom the decree of being Kaafir is issued only now. Until their insults weren’t proved, I had listed 78 counts on which they could be decreed as Kaafirs in the matter of ‘It is possible that Allah can lie’. But yet, on page 80 of ‘Subhaan as-subbuuh’ I have written:

“Haashaa lillah! (I seek Allah’s refuge); Haashaa lillah! A thousand times Haashaa lillah! I do not like to call them Kafir. I still believe that the present-day followers of these people (Thanawi, Gangohi etc.,) are Muslims. Though I consider them as heretics. And I have neither ordained (issued a Fatwa) that the leader of this group (Deobandis) Ismayil Dahalwi is a Kafir. Our Rasulallah sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam has prohibited us from saying Kafir to a person who says ‘Laa ilaaha illallah’ UNTIL A REASON FOR HIS BEING KAAFIR IS MANIFEST AS THE SUN AND THERE IS NO EXCUSE BY WHICH HE CAN BE EXEMPTED AND NOT EVEN A WEAKEST PROOF REMAINS THAT HE SHOULD BE CONSIDERED A MUSLIM.
“fa innal islaama ya`aluu wa laa yu`laa” // islam will truimph but won’t be conquered

O Muslims! I remind you of your religion, your belief, the day of judgement and the presence of Rasulallah sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam and ask you, is it justified to slander a slave of Allah (the imam means himself) that he is hasty in declaring others as Kaafirs, when he himself has written of such utmost caution? Isn’t it shamelessness, slander and oppression to accuse me of such an act? but in fact MuHammad ar-Rasulallah sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam has said this, and whatever he says is the truest word. said he:

“idhaa lam tastaHee faSna`a maa shiy-taa” / if you don’t have any shame, do whatever you want.
O muslims, these passages (of deobandis which amount to Kufr) are in front of you. These have been published for 10 years; some for 17 years and some more for 19 years! And the Fatwaa regarding their Kufr is barely 6 years old. (In 1320AH) Look at these passages and fear Allah and decide for yourself that these passages not only refute the slander but you will be convinced that a person of utmost caution has not called them Kaafir unless there has been a proof and no room for any doubt. I have tried to explain it in some way or the other, but when it was impossible to do any ta-weel (extrapolation) I had to resort to decreeing so.
After all, this slave of Allah is the same who listed 70 reasons why they should be termed as Kaafirs and yet held back since Rasulallah sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam has prohibited us from saying Kafir to a person who says ‘laa ilaaha illallah’ until a reason for his being Kaafir is manifest as the sun and there is no excuse by which he can be exempted and not even a weakest proof remains that he should be considered a Muslim.
After all, this slave of Allah is the same who listed 78 accounts on which they could be termed Kaafir yet, said ‘Haashaa lillah! (I seek Allah’s refuge); Haashaa lillah! A thousand times Haashaa lillah! I do not like to call them Kafir. I still believe that the present-day followers of these people (Thanawi, Gangohi etc.,) are Muslims’ now, when I said so I was close to them and now there is animosity? When I said so (earlier) I wasn’t greedy of sharing their property and now I am?

I seek Allah’s refuge, a Muslim loves or hates for the sake of Allah and his Rasul sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam. Unless the objectionable passages of this insolent gang was published or the insults to Allah and his Messenger were seen and only heard, I was compelled to keep quiet due to their uttering ‘laa ilaaha illallah’.
Although according to the Fuqahaa (Islaamic Jurists) it was necessary to decree them as Kaafir, yet I adopted the ruling of the Mutakallimuun and exercised utmost caution; but when their Kufr was evident and the insults to Allah and His Messenger sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam WERE SEEN BY ME there wasn’t any other option; Moreover, many Imaams have said it explicitly : ‘man shakka fee `adhaabihee wa kufrihee fa qad kafar’ / he who doubts in the Kufr and torment of such people is himself a Kaafir. I had to save my own Eemaan (faith) and that of my brothers in Islaam hence I had to issue the decree terming them as Kaafirs. And ‘dhaalikaa jazaa-uDH DHaalimeen’ / and that is a fitting reward for the oppressors.
your Lord Almighty Allah says:
“qul jaa-al Haqqu wa zahaqal baaTil. innal baaTila kaana zahuuqaa” // say ye, that truth hath come and falsehood vanquished; verily falsehood, eventually had to be destroyed;