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Readers must know that deobandi cult has got strange belief.

May Allah’tala save muslims from having these false belief. Ameen.

For example:

  1. Allah can lie and Allah’s power (qudrah) also has control over all bad things.
  2. The knowledge of prophet is compared with knowledge of all four legged animals, insane and kids.
  3. Prophet did not have the knowledge of the unseen but deobandi scholars can have knowledge of the unseen ( ghayb)
  4. Prophets are higher and better than their followers ( Ummati) only in knowledge. When it comes to good deeds, the ummati( followers) attain the equal status of prophets and sometimes they go above them ” [ Tahdhir al nas, by Qasim Nanotvi al deobandi]
  5. Prophet’s body has mixed with soil/ earth ( astagfirullah) [ Taqwiyatul Iman, by Ismail dehalvi] but deobandi scholars can come out of grave in physical body and help their followers [ Arwahe Thalatha , commentary by Ashraf ali thanvi]
  6. Prophet was not aware what was behind wall ( asftagfirullah) [ Baraheen Qatiya by Gangohi and Ambethvi) but deobandi scholars could know when will it rain, when will someone die and also the gender of child present in mother’s body.

But now readers will be amused to read about Zakriya Kandhelvi’s grandmother.

It states:

“The grandmother ( bi ammi) ( of ilyas kandhelvi) died at a grand old age. She saw children of her grand children. She lost the ability to walk and see. She stayed in this state for three years before she died. But she never left the dhikr by mouth or by heart. It was not wrong to think that a patient who spent her last three years on bed suffering from diarrhea and found it difficult even to turn sides on bed, her bed would stink (due to excreta) and this stinking would not go even if washer man washes the bed sheet. But people were surprised to find that when her dead body was removed from bed for washing, the heaps of cloth (kept to absorb excreta) was giving sweet smell instead of foul smell! The smell was so sweet that everyone was offering this cloth to other to enjoy the smell. Hence, these clothe were not washed and was distributed among people as tabaarukat (holy relics).”

[ Tazkiratur Khaleel ( biography of Khaleel Ambethvi al deobandi) by Aashiq Ilahi al deobandi, page117]

Readers should keep in mind that kissing the tabarrukat of sunni scholars is biddah in deobandi cult. Eating food on which quran has been recited for barakah (blessings) is shirk and biddah in deobandi cult. Donating rewards to deceased muslim by reciting quran ( quran khani) is biddah in deobandi cult. Celeberating mawlid is the greatest biddah near deobandis and kissing thumbs when hearing the blessed name of prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) is also a biddah in deobandi cult.

But smelling a cloth soaked in excreta and distributing that cloth as tabarruk ( holy relic) among deobandis is permissible.

May Allah keep all the muslims on the path of ahlus sunnah wal jamah and save us from all the enemies of islam. Ameen

Abdullah Sabri Chisti

14th Rabi al aakahir 1431

31 March 2010