Wahabis and Deobandis: One and the same

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Wahabis and Deobandis

Some one said

“The ‘Ulama of Deoband are definitely not Wahhabis or even Wahhabi-influenced”


I will not give the characteristics of wahabis from the Ahlus sunnah point of view. Instead I will quote deobandi books for the readers.

The Mutazilites followed Hanafi school of Fiqh and merely following one of the 4 schools of fiqh, does not make a person part of the Ahlus Sunnah. Also, if a person accepts just one or two views of a sect and reject the other views, that person is not said to belong to that sect.

But what if we find a “sect” which claims to be from Ahlus sunnah but their “akabir” followed, accepted and propagated the ideas of Wahabis?

To begin this lets what are the characteristics of wahabis as per deobandis.

  1. “Muhammad Ibne Abdul Wahaab believed that people all over the world and all Muslims were polytheists and infidels. ( Shaykh Hussein Tandvi al Deobandi , Shihabus Thaqib,Page 44)

The well known Deobandi scholar ( Mawlana Mnazoor Nomani)who used to participate in many debates against Sunni Muslims writes :

“We should see these “so called muslims” who are grave worshippers and Tazia worshippers. Shaitan has put these “Mushrikana” acts in their hearts that they are not willing to listen to the teachings of Quran and Hadith”.

“ When I look at these people ( so called muslims) then only I understand shirk of the previous ummah. If these people ( so called muslims) were not there among the muslim population, then it would have been very difficult for me to understand the shirk of the previous ummah’

( Al Furqan ( A monthly Deobandi Magazine ) , Editorial , For the month of Jamadi ulaa, 1372 AH , page 30 , published from Lucknow).

2 The Najdis believed, and his followers still believe, that the lives of Prophets (Alihumus Salaam) were limited to the times during which they lived upon this earth. Thereafter, in death, they and other faithfuls are equal. (Shaykh Hussein Tandvi al Deobandi , Shihabus Thaqib,Page 45)

Shaykh Ismail dehalvi says prophet is dead and his body has mixed with soil. He also says prophets should be treated like an elder brother or a land lord. To make his belief clear about prophets he says “ the creation big ( like prophets) or small, they are all like cobbler in front of Allah.( Tafwiyatul Iman)

The “imam e rabbani” of Deobandis , Shaykh Rashid gangohi says

“ The aqida of Shaykh Ismail dehalvi was sahih ( correct/ sound)

The imam e rabbani of the deobandis also said

“To keep and read this book tafwiyatul iman is the core of islam”

[ Fatwa Rashidiya]

3 This group holds that having a vision of the blessed Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) and visits to his blessed tomb are bad innovations and unlawful. [Shaykh Hussein Tandvi al Deobandi , Shihabus Thaqib,Page 45]

Shaykh Ismail dehalvi said to travel to any other place except Kabah is shirk!

[Tafwiyatul Iman]

4 The Wahaabis use most insolent language in respect of Prophethood and the person of the holy Prophet himself (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam)

[Shaykh Hussein Tandvi al Deobandi , Shihabus Thaqib,Page 47]

On this issue deobandis have surpassed wahabis. Read the proof

(a) Shahid of the deobandis ,Shaykh Ismail Dehalvi wrote “ to get the thought of prophet during salah( prayer) is worse than getting the thought of bull and horse.

[ sirate mustaqeem

(b) Imam e rabbani of the deobandis , Shaykh Rashid Gangohi and Shaykh Khalil Ambethvi wrote” the knowledge of angel of death is more than the knowledge of prophet and if the prophet has higher status in illieen that does not mean he is more knowledgeable than angel of death

[Baraheen qatiya]

( c ) Hakim al Ummah of the deobandis , shaykh Ashraf ali thanvi wrote

“ The knowledge of the unseen which prophet has , that type ( aysa) of knowledge is also possessed by every insane , lunatics, every child , any tom and harry and all four legged animals. [ Hifzul Iman]

( d) Shamshul Islam of the Deobandis, Shaykh Qasim Nnaotvi said

“ the followers ( ummati) can not only equate prophets in good deeds but they also surpass them “ [ Tahdir al nas]

5 The Wahabis claim to be the equals of the personality of the holy Prophet(Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam)

[Shaykh Hussein Tandvi al Deobandi , Shihabus Thaqib,Page 47]

Shaykh Ismail dehalvi wrote “ prophet should be treated like an elder brother”

[Tafwiyatul iman ]

Please note: To keep and read this book( tafwiyatul iman) is the real islam of deobadins!

6 The elders of Wahabis also said that praying for Allah’s forgiveness through his intercession was unlawful.

[Shaykh Hussein Tandvi al Deobandi , Shihabus Thaqib,Page 47]

Shaykh Ismail Dehalvi wrote “ what is the difference between Abu Jahal and those who use intercession of prophet”

[ Tafwiyatul Iman]

6 The Wahaabis are against performing mystic rites and sophistic practices-meditating, engaging in the remembrance of Allah and thinking about Him, owing allegiance to spiritual guides and the whole system of spiritual guides.

[Shaykh Hussein Tandvi al Deobandi , Shihabus Thaqib,Page 59]

Shaykh Ismail Dehalvi wrote “ All these sufi chain like Chisti, qadri ,Suharwarid and Naqshbandi are biddah and has nothing to do with teachings of Islam’

[ Tafwiyatul Iman]

7 Through verses Ar-Rahmaanu ‘Alal ‘Arshis Tawa etc, the Wahaabis try to prove that Allah physically occupies a throne and also make out His dimensions and, therefore, His bodily presence.

[Shaykh Hussein Tandvi al Deobandi , Shihabus Thaqib,Page 24]

Ismail Dehalvi also said that to make interpretation ( tawil ) of allerogical verses ( ayat e muyashbbihat) and to believe that Allah is free from time , space , location and direction is biddah! He also said to have this belief that Allah will be seen without modality on the day of judgment ; is biddah.

[ Iza ul haq]

8 The Wahaabis of Arabia have often been heard to harshly denounce the expression, “As Salaatu was Salaamu Alaika ya Rasoolal Laah” (Peace and salutation to you, O Allah’s Messenger)”, and most scathingly condemn and ridicule its use

[Shaykh Hussein Tandvi al Deobandi , Shihabus Thaqib,Page 65]

Shaykh Rashid Gnagohi said it is impressible to say Ya Rasul Allah

[ Fatwa Rashidiya]

9 The wicked Wahaabis harshly denounce sending repeatedly peace and salutation on the mercy to the worlds, and consider reciting Dalaa’ilul Khairuat, Qaseedah Burdah and Qassedah Hamziyah and such like as most detestable and unwarranted. They also consider some couplets of Qaseedah Burdah to be downright blasphemous

[Shaykh Hussein Tandvi al Deobandi , Shihabus Thaqib,Page 66]

The deobandis also consider reciting of Darud Taj as shirk . Shaykh Ismail Dehalvi said to repeat names of prophet in wazifa is shirk.

10 Except for the knowledge by him of Allah’s commands, the Wahaabis think the personality of the Last of the Prophets (Alaihis Salaatu Was Salaam) to be devoid of all hidden and true knowledge.

(Shaykh Hussein Tandvi al Deobandi , Shihabus Thaqib Page 62)

It is a part of deobandi belief that prophet was not given any knowledge of the unseen and the prophet did not have any knowledge of the unseen.

As per deobandis any person who has this belief regarding prophet then he is a mushrik and deobandis should not perform prayer behind him

[ Fatwa Rashidiya]

11.The Wahaabis consider the narration of the birth of the king of the universe (Alaihis-Salaatu-Was-Salaam) itself to be a most reprehensible act and a very bad innovation”.

(Shaykh Hussein Tandvi al Deobandi , Shihabus Thaqib Page 67)

The deobandis are totally against mawlid . Shaykh Rashid gangohi said that deobandis should not participate even in those mawlid gathering in which authentic narrations are discussed and no non shariah activity takes place!

The Deobandi scholar Shaykh Hussein Tandve gave charachteristics of the wahabis and we have seen that deobandi “akabir” are found to have those charachteristics.

Let us see other charachteristic

1. Wahabis and Deobandis both declare istighatha as Kufr and shirk , there by labeling the sunni muslims as kafir and muhrik.

2. Wahabis declare killing sunni muslim and taking their property as legal and Shaykh Ismail dehalvi also killed muslims of the north west region[India-pakistan border] and his followers forcibly married sunni pathan women.

3 Wahabis and Deobandis , both , use the word mushrik for sunni muslims.

4 Wahabis and Deobandis both believe in tampering books and distributing the tampered editing so as to propagate their view.

5 Both these sects , wahabis and deoobandis have always lost debate with Ahlus sunnah. But they still continue to preach their cult teaching.

6 The strongest bond between wahabis and deobandis is their belief towards prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) . Both these group portray our prophet as a normal human being and try to minimize his status and authority which Allah has bestowed upon him ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam)

7. Both the group has immense love and respect for Ibn Abdal wahab al najadi al tamimi, who killed sunni muslims and destroyed the graves of the companions of the prophet.

8 Both the group try to attribute defects in Allah. Wahabis say Allah is confined in a direction and has human attributes. Deobandis on the other hand say Allah can lie. { Astagfirullah}.

9. Wahabis and Deobandis both believe in destroying all elevated graves of muslims. In past the scholars of both the groups have done this .

Books can be written on this topic showing the relationship between wahabis and deobandis. But for the time being this is sufficient for those who want to begin their investigation.

The smart deobandis try to use expressions like “ lying of Allah is ‘aqlan ( rationally) possible but shar’an ( as per shariah law) impossible”.

And if we say your elder being a hypocrite is rationally possible, but as per shariah law it is impossible, they become angry! They can’t hear a defective word directed towards their elders, but their filthy tongues attribute defect towards Allah azz wa jal who is Rahman and Rahim. Interestingly, these deobandis claim to follow a sufi chain!

The scholars of Ahlus sunnah have said there can not be any “ tasawwuf” unless your aqida ( belief ) is correct. These deobandis should fear Allah and stop preaching their teachings which ascribes defect in Allah. No amount of writing on tasawwuf and reading books on tasawwuf can help these deobandis, or anyone who accepts such evil ideas of the deobandis .

The true people on the path of tasawwuf , the people of haq , the followers of Ahlus sunnah wal jamah have explained all the secrets of tasawwuf. Muslims should keep away from these “pseudo sufi shaykhs” who are teaching that Allah can lie, and on the other hand claim to teach the method of acquiring love of Allah!

We seek refuge in Allah from these robbers of faith ( iman ) who are harming Islam and muslims through internet and print media. Ameen.

Abdullah Suharwardi

19<span >th Zil Hijja