Imam fadl al Haq and Ismail Dehlavi
  Imam Fadl Haq Khairabadi al Chishti (Rh) took strong objection on Wahabbi  maulvi Ismail Dehlavi on the matter of Imakn al Kidhb,Imtina’ al Nazir and on the matter
Deobandi Fabrication on Internet
Deobandi Fabrication on Internet   Thefounder of the Wahabbi sect in the Indian Subcontient, Ismail Dehalvi wrote a book in Persisn called " Iza al Haq". The book was
Query on Imakn al Kidhb
On a Wahabi [Pseudo Salafi] forum two Wahabis engaged in a discussion.   The first Wahabi ( salafi)says: Yes, it is rationally possible for Allah to do wrong, , or dh
Dalail al Khairat and Istighatha
Dalail al Khairat and Istighatha   Dalail al Khairat is a composition of different blessings on prophet [sal allahu alayhi wa sallam]. It was composed by Imam Muhamma
Knowledge of the five things
Knowledge of maa kaan wa ma yakoon [Knowledge of everything that has happened and everything that will happen]   It must be known that wahabi/ deobandi cult deny qura
Tabsheer al-Aquul Wa Tanbeeh al-Ghafuul Fee SharHi Wus`ati `Ilmi Rasuul                                    Shaykh Na`yeemuddin muradaba
Info about books
A reply to Manzoor Nomani al Deobandi
A friend informed me that in recent times deobandis have started boasting about Faisla Kun Munāzra, (The Decisive Debate/ The Final Debate) a book written by Manzūr Nom
Al-Tafhimat al-Ilahiyyah
About the statement   “All who go to the land of Ajmer or to the grave of Salar Mas’ud or those that resemble them in order to request [to fulfil] a need, it is in
Imam Ahmed Raza and Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi
Did Imam Ahmed Raza Khan  and Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi studied in the same maadarsah ? To know the truth,read book " OPEN SECRET" Download this book Click Here
Wahabi-Ahle hadith
Shirk of Salafis
Shirk of Salafis!   Siddiq Hasan Khan al-Qinnawji [d.1307 A.H/1890 C.E], the Wahhabi [so called ahlul hadith/salafi] head in the Indian subcontinent writes: “All my
Grave of Siddiq Hasan Khan Bhopali-Qannawji
The Imam of the Wahabbis in India ( so called ahlul hadith) , Siddiq Hasan Khan Bhopali-al Qinnawji  is buried in this solid grave.  ,  2. Grave of Ibn Taymiyya, th
Deobandi Fabrication in Sharah al- Shifa ( Mulla 'Ali al-Qari)
Deobandi fabrication in Sharah al-Shifa   Mulla `Ali al-Qari [d. 1014 AH] writes: “If there is no-one in the house then say ‘as-salâmu ‘alâ al-Nabiyyi wa rahm
Deobandi Fabrication in Fazaile Amal
Research: Muhaqqiq Khali Ahmed Rana [ May Allah preserve him]   English Translation with edition: Abdullah Chisti Sabri   Deobandis have done it again! &n
Circumventing Graves
Question: When we visit a Wali’s shrine, how do we pray [the fatiha] there and what should be [further] recited in the prayer? Answer: By Imam Ahmed Raza Khan al Qad
When to stand during Iqamah
A recent Fatwa from Deobandi cult says:     (Fatwa: 891/672=H)   "It is in a famous Hadith book called Muslim Sharif (Vol. 1 page 220) that the Prophet (صلی
Difference in salah between men and women
                                       Difference in salah between men and womenWahabis ( so called “salafis”/ahlul hadith’)